Best Workout in the Westend Vancouver, Personal Fitness Training For Women 40+

Jul 23, 2022

Once you hit 40, your vision starts to go but the wags point to the bright side: you can’t see what’s happening to your body! Not true – you can! So call Tsquared Personal Training (604-250-9784) in Vancouver and find your balance again!

Best Workout in the Westend Vancouver, Personal Fitness Training For Women 40+

Your body has a story to tell. Maybe you've sat in a cubicle most of your life, or maybe you are a busy business owner or fitness warrior, accustomed to bumps, bruises, and long treks. Either way, you want to maximize your chances for a long and healthy life from here on out, don't you?

Tsquared Personal Training, led by a certified personal trainer in Vancouver BC, and plus 20-year amature athlete, Troy Tyrell, offers high-intensity, low-impact workout sessions designed for women like you at the crossing point, not old, not young but who want to increase their stamina, muscle tone, and endurance.

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The private fitness studio, based in downtown Vancouver, started the training program in response to client demand for safe, age-appropriate workouts for older women whose bodies are adjusting to aging transitions associated with a loss of bone density and therefore balance. Muscle loss might go unnoticed for decades, but as you lose fast-twitch muscle fibers, especially your reaction speed slows down and minor accidents naturally increase like slipping on ice or curbs.

Balance starts declining in midlife, as muscle loss accelerates. Physical fitness experts have concluded that low-impact workouts serve to increase strength, reduce blood pressure, and lower stress while mitigating risk factors for musculoskeletal injury. On the other hand, standard high-impact HIIT workouts, which are power and speed-based and typically activate those fast-twitch fibers, often comprise exercises that put undue strains on certain demographics with injuries and issues.

A new trend combines the well-recognized benefits of both HIIT and low-impact training to improve muscle strength while shielding participants from joint damage.

Tsquared Personal Training, which provides morning, lunchtime, and after-work Small Group Personal Training using the Gravity Training System (GTS), offers small group and 1:1 fitness training programs. As everyone’s body is unique, Mr. Tyrell works with you to identify your goals and then the challenge ahead, focusing on your form, strengths and weaknesses, and frame of mind.

As statistics demonstrate, many people lack sustained motivation, which is precisely why Mr. Tyrell strives to help you achieve visible results as quickly as possible, letting you power past fitness plateaus to reach higher levels of fitness, energy, and success.

The studio’s fitness training programs are developed using Mr. Tyrell’s experience at INFOFIT and EnerChanges. The latter is a medically supervised exercise clinic, where he learned physio corrective techniques and postural analysis, key components of any fitness regime but especially critical for people over 40 who need to minimize the risk of injury. Mr. Tyrell’s focus on safety provides you with peace of mind and training that will sustain your fitness efforts for years to come.

One client commented: “Troy is a great trainer and has helped me a lot to improve my balance, increase my energy, stamina and I have gained a lot of core strength. The gravity training method is low impact, high intensity and you get a full-body workout every session.”

You can't ignore the accolades - there are lots of them! Young and old, beginner and advanced, the fitness studio's clients appreciate Troy's dedication to getting them into or back into shape.

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