NYC Dynamic Digital Out-Of-Home Advertising & Engaging Billboard Campaigns

May 3, 2024

With R.E.D Marketing Firm (+1-346-777-2147) you can get your name in lights throughout NYC with custom, fully managed digital billboard campaigns!

Imagine seeing your brand on Nasdaq Tower – which contains over 10,000 feet of signage space, including some of the world's biggest names. Imagine the impact you could have by advertising to the hundreds of thousands of people walking past every day. Well, you don't have to imagine anymore – because R.E.D Marketing Firm has got you covered!

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Following an initial consultation, R.E.D Marketing Firm will manage the entire process from production and installation to ongoing monitoring and optimization, so each campaign is improved over time with regular performance evaluations. The agency offers variable price packages depending on the size of the screen required, how long you want to advertise for, and the time of year you're targeting.

According to the latest research from International Outdoor, 90% of consumers have noticed an out-of-home advertisement in the past month, while 66% used their smartphone in response to seeing an OOH ad - indicating the significant impact billboards can have.

Ads that people WANT to see

The same research also shows that 85% of consumers make it a point to actually look at the advertising message on a billboard, in contrast to TV or YouTube advertising where the audience typically doesn't pay as much attention. Billboards have an inherent attention-grabbing nature, R.E.D Marketing says, which is why the firm is looking to help you capitalize on this opportunity.

The team explains that electronic billboards are more engaging than the traditional variety, as they allow for the incorporation of moving images, animations, and other engaging features - from 3D graphics to interactive elements - making it easier to capture audience attention. They also offer more targeting possibilities and can change dynamically based on time of day or proximity to local events.

Get full-stack marketing

In addition to digital billboard advertising, the agency provides social media marketing, email marketing, and web design - a holistic approach that helps you amplify the impact of your brand messaging.

Discussing the opportunity available to businesses across the US, a R.E.D company representative states: "Lower Manhattan is a bustling commercial hub with a diverse range of businesses vying for attention, and our digital billboard advertising service is a great way of reaching out to customers in this highly competitive market."

Are you looking for a way to supercharge brand growth and get more eyes on your products?

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