Best Patio Misting Systems For Heat & Humidity – Improve Comfort For Parties

Mar 21, 2022

Do you want to feel comfortable outdoors even when it’s burning hot? You’ll love these cutting-edge misting systems!

Best Patio Misting Systems For Heat & Humidity - Improve Comfort For Parties

Whether you’re hosting a party or you just want to extend the functionality of your yard, you can’t afford to miss a great deal on these misting stations. Relax outdoors thanks to Cool-Off!

Their cutting-edge patio umbrellas and full misting systems are designed to look stylish while providing cooling mists delivered using the latest innovative technology. The company offers options for homeowners and businesses, including restaurants and resorts.

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The Mister Brella range combines a stylish and premium-quality cantilever umbrella with a high-pressure misting system. The app-controlled high-pressure pump unit uses 14 misting ports to deliver cold fog with no wetness for a comfortable outdoor experience.

The patent-pending design includes a fully integrated misting line that is hidden inside the umbrella’s mast, offering you clean lines. The large umbrella canopy is offered in three neutral colors of khaki, boulder, and kiwi that complement the natural tones found in gardens and outdoor spaces.

Cool-Off’s updated misting systems and accessories provide the benefits of air-conditioning outdoors. Their highly knowledgeable consultants can help you to identify the right sized system for your needs.

An example of one of the products in the range is the Mid Pressure Misting System Kit. This easy-to-use kit is available in different sizes and can simply be attached to a garden hose or faucet for instant cooling effect in outdoor areas such as patios, gardens, and pet areas.

Each misting system kit includes a ten-foot lead line and filtration line. They also come complete with a mounting kit for easy attaching to tents, umbrellas, canopies, and much more. Learn more at

The team strives to provide quality customer service with each order. You will find full installation guides for each option on the company website.

A recent customer has said of their experience: “When we started the project, the owner talked me through the entire design process and provided me with the details of exactly what I needed. The system works great and my friends and family are amazed about how well it cools off our patio area, even in triple digit heat.”

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