Best Midwest City Plumbers Install & Fix Tankless Water Heaters For Tiny Homes

Jul 18, 2023

Rising energy prices got you down? With a tankless water heater from Kirkland Plumbing Service (1-405-410-8721), you can reduce your bills while getting hot water on demand and saving space in your home!

Hot water on demand and reduced energy bills for your household sound pretty good, right?

With a tankless water heater set up by the friendly team at Kirkland Plumbing Service, you can start saving money right away!

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As electricity prices continue to skyrocket, replacing your old water heater with a tankless option can prove a viable way to reduce your bills, explains owner Cameron Kirkland. The licensed, insured team of plumbers at Kirkland Plumbing Service can install a new tankless water heater for your home or commercial facility, as well as perform routine maintenance and repairs for existing appliances.

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, a tankless water heater is 24-50% more energy-efficient than a standard storage-tank type, meaning you also save more money. When you're ready to switch to a tankless heating option, Kirkland Plumbing Service will provide you with guidance on choosing a specific brand of heater before installation. “We partner with a wide variety of product manufacturers,” says Cameron. “Each is carefully selected for quality and reliability.”

Along with saving energy and lowering utility bills, tankless water heaters are smaller and take up less room than conventional heaters, making them ideal for your tiny home or workplace with limited space.

Once the appliance is installed, the plumbing team is on-hand to conduct scheduled maintenance and repairs to keep your new water heater up-to-date and running as efficiently as possible.

In addition to water heater installation, the crew from Kirkland Plumbing Service can unclog toilets, adjust low water pressure, clear up septic problems, fix gas and sewer lines, and repair leaky pipes or faucets.

A satisfied client said, “Cameron Kirkland came out right away to see what was wrong with my old hot water tank, picked up and installed the new tank, and gave me a very fair price, about $400 below the competition."

What are you waiting for? Keep your water temperature high and your bills low with a new water heater from Kirkland Plumbing Services!

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