Best Lead Gen & Pipeline Management Tool For M&A Advisors: Close More Deals

Aug 4, 2023

Get high-quality leads and close more deals with OutFlow’s data-driven deal sourcing platform, designed especially for M&A advisors.

Your M&A pipeline is your advisory's most precious asset, and your success strongly depends on efficient sourcing and target research.

A recent IHS Markit survey revealed that 43% of investors agreed that advanced analytics can benefit deal sourcing more than any other stage in the dealmaking process. At the same time, only 3% of respondents said they use it.

What does this mean for you as a financial advisor? It means that if you want to stay competitive in today's challenging M&A markets, you need to embrace advanced deal sourcing technology. And if you want to get AHEAD of the competition, you need to work with the best deal sourcing team.

Have you heard about OutFlow? Their “done-for-you” solution leverages the latest data mining, outbound marketing, and business communication strategies to bring you a reliable stream of “hot” leads.

If you want consistent results, you need a consistent and proactive approach. By outsourcing deal sourcing to OutFlow, you can benefit from a more predictable flow of opportunities and high-quality data. Using a proprietary database and targeted marketing campaigns, the team delivers you exclusive, off-market opportunities that are unavailable to other players. After vetting the data to ensure that the targets match your criteria, OutFlow can contact them to arrange a meeting.

“Rather than relying on referrals, expensive direct mail and insufficient marketing efforts, we promise you a steady flow of new leads and opportunities every month, or our help is free,” says Matt Currie, CEO of OutFlow. “Do what you do best; close deals, create value, grow companies. Let us handle the deal sourcing.”

In addition to sourcing opportunities and managing outreach, OutFlow also offers sales consulting services to help you make the most of these opportunities by improving your sales processes.

OutFlow’s website features numerous video testimonials and case studies. One of the recently published case studies describes how the team helped Hal Feder of Murphy Business Brokers close a record number of deals. Feder struggled with finding opportunities using traditional methods, such as mailers and cold calls. OutFlow created two hyper-targeted campaigns that focused on Feder’s experience in the automotive industry, which resulted in a record year in terms of the number of transactions.

If you want to achieve amazing results too, contact OutFlow to arrange a free discovery call and find out how they can help you. Go to

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