PE Firms Find Investment Opportunities With This Data-Driven Deal Sourcing Tool

Aug 4, 2023

Set your private equity firm up for success with the latest deal sourcing technologies! OutFlow will fill your pipeline with M&A opportunities with the most potential.

The success of your private equity firm essentially depends on two things:

1) Finding promising investment opportunities;

2) Finding them before others do.

In the end, it all comes down to how you source deals.

If you have a team of deal origination superheroes on your side - those who know the market well, are equipped with the latest technology, and are networking gurus - you’ll be ahead of the competition. However, there can be two problems here:

1) Having superheroes on your payroll is very expensive.

2) It is expensive when they find you good investment opportunities, and it is still expensive when they don’t.

An alternative to the in-house deal sourcing roller-coaster that you should consider is outsourcing all of your M&A pipeline management. If you want to work with the best, OutFlow is the only name you need to remember.

Trusted by over 200 dealmakers worldwide, OutFlow has already sourced more than 10,000 deals using its innovative approach, combining data mining and targeted, intentional outreach.

Private equity is a “people” business, and networking and personal relationships have traditionally been the cornerstone of deal origination. However, most financial professionals now realize that as technology transforms the existing business models, they need to adapt their practices and embrace data to stay competitive. OutFlow’s updated technology-driven platform gives you access to exclusive investment opportunities that may not be available to other players.

As we have already mentioned, although a dedicated deal origination team can make all the difference for your firm, it is a significant expense. The company’s “done-for-you” solution is a more cost-efficient option, and it is essentially risk-free, as payment is contingent on the deal sourcing results. This means that if they don't reach the target number of leads, you don't pay them!

The team starts by defining the target criteria and planning the deal origination program. Upon creating a list of suitable prospects, they carefully vet each opportunity to check whether it is a good fit for your strategy. These processes ensure high lead quality and maximize the chances of a successful deal.

“We spend time understanding your mandates and ideal strike zone,” says a representative for the company. “From there, we build a custom database with verified, up-to-date information of private companies. This is 100% done manually, from scratch, using our own technology and team.”

In addition to receiving a database of qualified leads, you'll benefit from the platform’s CRM features. You'll have access to a convenient dashboard where you can track the entire deal lifecycle, including the status of every investment opportunity, pipeline value, and other parameters.

With the streamlined pipeline management and high-quality leads brought by OutFlow, you can use your resources more efficiently, accelerate deal sourcing, and uncover promising opportunities quickly. Isn't that everything you've ever wanted?

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