Best Full-Spectrum LED Grow Light Fixtures For Indoor Vertical Farming Systems

Feb 9, 2024

Running a commercial agricultural facility indoors? Kiss those winter woes goodbye and say hello to Superior LED Technologies, a trusted provider of indoor LED grow light solutions!

If you’re running a business in the food crop production, houseplant, or floriculture industries, you’re probably aware of how hard it is to grow things. Spring and summer only last for so long, but once you move things indoors, you have to make sure your crops get the right amount of sunshine. But that aspect of horticulture just became that much easier - and more affordable - thanks to Superior LED Technologies and their state-of-the-art indoor Full Spectrum LED grow light systems! Install their LED fixtures in your greenhouse or indoor facility today, and you’ll be able to grow all year round!

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LED Lighting: A Sustainable Solution

Grow lights have been around since forever, but they haven’t always been as economical as they are now. Without a doubt, it was the advent of LED technology that made indoor growing operations that much more viable. According to a study led by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, compared to standard high-pressure sodium lamps, LED lighting systems use 75% less electricity to produce the same product yield, ultimately leading to a decrease in carbon dioxide emissions. LED fixtures also produce less heat, reducing the need for complex temperature control systems in an indoor growing facility.

By installing LED lighting, you’re both reducing your carbon footprint and saving lots of money! Not to mention all the extra income you’ll get from being able to grow your crops regardless of the time of year! Who said that money doesn’t grow on trees?

LED Technology You Can Trust

As a reputable supplier of LED lighting systems, Superior LED Technologies offers grow lights that are designed to provide plants with the full spectrum of photosynthetically active radiation (PAR). 

And they’re fancy. These lights give you the option to adjust the light spectrum to better suit the needs of plants at different stages of development. Blue light is better for seedlings and young plants, while red light will promote bud and flower growth. The more you know! Anyway, Superior LED Technologies gives you the flexibility to enable the best conditions for your plants at any time, no matter what stage they’re at.

Furthermore, because they operate at lower temperatures, the lights can be positioned closer to leaf surfaces to increase photosynthetic flux density (PPFD) without the risk of damaging growth, resulting in higher plant quality and yields. Because, believe it or not, plants can also get sunburn. But they won’t burn as readily with LED lights! Also, there’s less of a risk of setting your entire greenhouse on fire.

Flexible Designs, Durable Lights

Speaking of greenhouses, Superior LED Technologies’ light systems can be installed in greenhouses to sustain growing operations year-round, as they can supplement poor lighting conditions during the winter months. Their ergonomic designs also allow for installation in smaller areas, making them suitable as the sole light source in vertical farming systems and other indoor growing arrangements.

Additionally, their durability minimizes the need for maintenance. With one of Superior LED Technologies’ LED fixtures in place, you’ll even see a reduction in utility costs due to the efficiency of the technology. Talk about savings!

About Superior LED Technologies

Superior LED Technologies is a trusted provider of affordable indoor lighting solutions. The company prides itself on the quality and lifespan of their products.

There’s a reason they call themselves Superior LED Technologies. Their products last longer than all of their competitors’, and they’ve had exactly zero returns to date! With their technology in your hands, you gain the power to reliably control the seasons, just like that! So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to grow, grow, and grow some more!

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