Reliable Full-Spectrum LED Grow Lights For Greenhouses & Indoor Growing Rooms

May 9, 2024

Looking for the best energy-efficient LED grow lights for your greenhouse? Install one of Superior LED Technologies’ lighting systems and watch as your yields skyrocket! Check them out today!

Whether you’re growing crops for consumption or trying to propagate the next horticultural novelty, grow lights are a must-have for any kind of indoor agricultural operation. But equally important is choosing the right grow lights. Most lighting systems will work hard for you, but very few will work smart. And that’s where Superior LED Technologies’ full-spectrum grow lights set themselves apart from the rest! Developed with energy-efficient technology and built to give your plants the boost they need, these grow lights will bolster your profit margin in ways you didn’t even think were possible!

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High-Yielding, Energy-Efficient Lighting Systems

So, what’s so great about these grow lights? Let’s start with the basics. Because they are developed from the latest in LED technology, Superior LED’s grow lights are more energy efficient compared to double-sided high-pressure sodium lamps and can decrease electricity costs by up to 75%. 

The lights also provide plants with a higher level of photosynthetically active radiation (PAR). For those who don’t understand geek speak, that’s what the plants need for vegetative growth. Plants really like PAR, so when the grow lights are positioned and used properly, they’ll improve crop yields by up to 50%. 

Built to be Reliable

That’s not all, though. Understanding the industry’s need for reliable lighting systems, Superior LED Technologies has also designed their grow lights to have a long working time, with each of their products lasting a minimum of 62,000 hours. Even if you were to have them on 24/7, they’d still run for seven years! And they were made that way precisely because Superior LED Technologies’ team understands how important good grow lights are.

“There is much at stake when systems fail, and the reliability of our custom lighting solutions is second to none across the indoor LED grow lighting industry,” explains a spokesperson for the company. “Superior LED’s team of experienced engineers knows that the last thing you need to worry about is whether your lights are functioning properly.”

Multiple Lighting Solutions

The possibilities are endless with these grow lights. Since they’re powerful enough to penetrate leaf canopies, they’re suitable for both single-tier and multi-tier growing arrangements. 

The technology is also designed to be lightweight and easy to install, so you can pretty much set it all up yourself. But if you’re unsure about the kind of lighting system you require for your situation, you can contact Superior LED Technologies’ engineering team for professional advice. The company will provide you with a free lighting plan based on how many plants you have, how big your space is, etc. They’ll even install everything for you if you want!

One satisfied customer wrote, “As energy prices have dramatically increased our costs, we began to explore LED technology. We tried products from other manufacturers with mixed results. Then, we found Superior LED Technologies. We had great light penetration and lush growth thanks to their products! In addition, our power usage dropped by nearly half. Many thanks to Superior LED!”

A Decade of Innovation

Superior LED Technologies began in 2014 and has since developed into a trusted provider of LED lighting solutions for indoor agriculture. 

No matter what facet of agriculture you’re dabbling in, Superior LED Technologies’ lights can help you do it all. Get yourself one of their lighting systems today and watch your plants flourish!

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