LED Energy-Saving Full-Spectrum Grow Lights With Cryo-Therm Cooling Technology

Apr 4, 2024

If you’re in the dark about how to get your indoor farm to produce more crops, Superior LED Technologies can shed some light on the lighting solutions you’ll need! Check out their full-spectrum LED grow lights today!

If you’re a hobbyist gardener or houseplant enthusiast, you’ll know how hard it can be to keep your plants happy. Now imagine if growing food crops or ornamental plants was your livelihood. It sounds even harder, right? Especially if you’re limited by climate or space constraints. For those of you who don’t have to imagine it because you’re actually in the business of indoor agriculture, you’re probably aware that you can’t control everything. What you can control is how much light your plants receive, and Superior LED Technologies is here to help you achieve that with their high-powered, high-efficiency, energy-saving LED grow lights!

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Grow Lights for Indoor Agriculture

While most indoor agricultural settings lack adequate exposure to natural sunlight, particularly during the winter months, grow lights can be used to supplement the lighting needs of any plant species. One study in the scientific journal Plants found that LED lights can greatly enhance plant growth and overall biomass, making them ideal for year-round cultivation.

That’s where Superior LED Technologies comes in. Their LED grow lights are capable of stimulating photosynthetic activity through full-spectrum light that emulates natural sunlight. The company’s patented technology can improve crop yields by up to 50% while remaining energy-efficient. In fact, all Superior LED Technologies grow lights have been evaluated by third-party testers, and results have shown that the products reduce electricity consumption by up to 75% compared to other types of lights. Imagine the energy costs you’d be saving with these babies!

Moreover, lighting levels can be adjusted freely, allowing you full control of the growing environment at all times. 

Peak LED Lighting Solutions

Optimized for both single-tier and multi-tier cultivation, the LED grow lights generate less heat than double-ended high-pressure sodium (HPS) lamps. That means you can position them closer to the canopy for improved plant growth without the risk of damaging leaf surfaces. (Believe it or not, plants can get sunburns too!) 

Additionally, all of Superior LED Technologies’ products come with built-in cryo-therm cooling technology, allowing for slimmer designs that save space and promote airflow while discouraging the formation of microclimates. 

Although they are manufactured from lightweight materials, the grow lights are durable and have a runtime of at least 62,000 hours. If you do the math, that’s around seven years of light, and that’s only assuming you’re keeping them on 24/7. They’ll run for a lot longer if you factor in the time the lights won’t be on!

And don’t worry about labor, either. All products are designed to be easy to install. But if you’re still not really sure what you’re doing, you can also contact Superior LED Technologies for a complimentary professional lighting plan. The company’s team of engineers will be able to help you build new facilities or retrofit existing ones in a way that will best suit your operations.

Industry Innovators Since 2014

Superior LED Technologies’ roots (heh) began in 2014 with a focus on innovation within the indoor agriculture industry. With their expertise in custom diodes, the company was able to develop their patented technology to provide business owners with lighting solutions for all their growing needs.

There’s a reason their products are recognized as the most powerful in the industry! In fact, they’re so good that, to date, no customer has ever returned them. So if high-quality, efficient, and reliable grow lights are what you’ve been looking for, you’ve found them!

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