Best Fashion Networking Space To Find Sustainable Athleisure Materials Suppliers

May 11, 2023

So, you’ve created the next great athleisure apparel line and you’re ready for production. Not just any old materials supplier will do! Find suppliers and facilities as dedicated to sustainable production as you are on Fashion Index!

To be a fully sustainable brand, you need materials suppliers and facilities that are as serious about sustainability standards as you are... seriously.

Luckily, Fashion Index is serious about being THE one-stop platform for connecting with materials suppliers and facilities to get your athleisure apparel line out into the market, sustainably, ethically, and successfully.

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✦ Sustainable Athleisure? ✦

Alongside the rise in demand for athleisure and activewear apparel is an increase in demand for slow fashion and companies that are dedicated to meeting the highest sustainability standards. There is a large overlap in the demographic of people interested in sustainability and athleisure apparel, giving brands that use sustainable production models an upper hand in the market.

Thankfully, there is no need to cut corners or settle for subpar suppliers.

✦ Fashion Index For The Win ✦

Fashion Index aims to create collaborative relationships between fashion brands and materials suppliers interested in creating athleisure apparel lines using sustainable practices. Through the platform, you can search for suppliers and production facilities that specialize in athleisure apparel items and filter these by sustainability and fair trade.

Simplicity is key! Fashion Index strives to simplify the process of finding and connecting with materials suppliers that have compatible values and standards for your fashion brand. Among the search categories you can choose are athleisure/yoga, bikewear, golfwear, swimwear, loungewear, casual pants, and tee shirts.

Fashion Index features listings for hundreds of suppliers and facilities that are dedicated to ethical and sustainable practices. Through the platform, you can find sustainability-focused factories, digital fabric printers, sublimation printers, dye houses, wash facilities, and more.

The platform also offers the option to search by apparel category, years in business, target market, as well as location, so that you can limit your carbon footprint by minimizing transportation distances by using local suppliers.

✦ Your Fashion Index ✦

Created by fashion industry professionals for fashion industry professionals, Fashion Index strives to be a one-stop-shop for emerging, expanding, and established fashion brands to find all the resources they need to thrive. The company's two founders have strong relationships throughout the global fashion industry and have worked in apparel product development, sourcing, and production for leading brands, including Tommy Hilfiger, JLo by Jennifer Lopez, Gap, Fox Racing, and others.

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