Belltown DUI Defense Lawyer Stefanik Offers Legal Assistance & Advice

Jul 5, 2023

Defense attorney Shira J. Stefanik assists clients who may be facing criminal charges in any Seattle neighborhood.

People who face criminal charges may struggle with many emotions and high levels of stress. Shira J. Stefanik's legal services offer support and professional guidance, while helping clients navigate extremely difficult situations.

With a focus on the complexities and challenges that often surround criminal cases, Shira provides clients with skilled legal representation and support, from early consultation stages to the final outcome of a case.

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Now serving Belltown and the surrounding area, Shira's legal solutions can help all those who may be facing criminal allegations. Her services include comprehensive legal strategies tailored to a client's unique circumstances, offering experienced assistance for many different situations, such as DUIs and instances of domestic violence.

The severity of criminal cases can range from misdemeanors to felonies, with penalties that include hefty fines and mandatory jail time, explains Shira. With years of experience in handling various types of cases, her law firm helps clients make their way through all the legal intricacies with a customized defense strategy that takes the latest regulations and laws into account. Shira says, “Criminal allegations are serious problems. I am here to be the solution.”

Recognizing the amount of stress than can often accompany such charges, Shira's law office strives to alleviate the anxiety and burden of stress for clients and their loved ones through the management of all legal aspects, including helping clients understand the specific charges they may face, choosing a legal strategy, handling all administrative tasks, and representing clients in court.

As part of the legal framework in criminal cases, Shira advises clients on whether or not to plead guilty or enter a plea bargain, while exploring all available options for contesting a criminal charge.

Shira uses her legal skills and experience to negotiate the details of each individual case during a pre-trial conference, identify key witnesses and investigators who can testify on a client's behalf, and fight for an optimal outcome.

Shira's firm is available to assist with DUI charges, domestic violence, drug crimes, asset forfeiture, and other criminal defense cases.

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