Amazon Seller Best Tools & Software: Effectively Control Your Inventory

May 7, 2024

The Fulfilled By Merchant (FBM) model can singificantly increase Amazon margins, but you’ll need a good inventory management tool to do so. Amz Pig, an in-depth resource for Amazon sellers, explains the best options.

Creating An Efficient Amazon Business

You might think that the FBM delivery model creates too much work, but an effective inventory management system does much of it for you. Amz Pig gives you in-depth reviews of the best packages and also explains what features you should look out for.

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All the top inventory management tools are covered, including SoStocked, SellerEngine, Veeqo, Hellium 10’s Inventory Protector, and Inventory Lab. The team also explains how, with the right software in place, you can really start to maximize your Amazon profits.

There’s no such thing as a free ride, and Amazon takes its cut of the pie when you decide to use FBA. That’s why many sellers still choose to use FBM, and Amz Pig shows you how to do it using highly efficient tools. 

“Inventory management is essential for Amazon sellers to maintain stock levels and avoid costly fees,” a company representative explained. “Key features of the most effective inventory management tools include Amazon integration, real-time tracking, forecasting, and multi-channel support.”

The Secret of FBM

According to statistics reported by RevenueGeeks, almost 1.5 million small and medium-sized businesses now act as independent third-party sellers on Amazon. The website also reveals that 34% of sellers choose to use the Fulfilled By Merchant (FBM) delivery model.

As Amz Pig explains, the FBM model can achieve better sales margins, while also giving you more control over your business. However, the firm also points out that this model demands more work, most notably in the management of stock, and the new guide was developed to help you understand some of the best tools now available.

About Amz Pig

Company founder Darrell Paterson has been an Amazon seller since 2013, and he recognized that there was a lack of reliable information for such individuals. Amz Pig was established to fill that gap, offering not only software reviews and guidance, but also strategies for building a profitable Amazon business.

“Our mission is to empower Amazon sellers with the tools, knowledge, and confidence to launch, grow, scale, and eventually exit their businesses for life-changing sums,” the firm continues. “We sift through the myriad of options to bring you only the best, most reliable solutions.”

Learn how to build a highly successful and profitable Amazon business with the in-depth guides from Amz Pig.

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