Beat The Heat This Summer in Las Vegas, NV With World’s Premium Misting Umbrella

Jul 28, 2021

Cool-Off (800-504-6478) based in Las Vegas, Nevada, launches its collection of premium cooling patio umbrellas. The umbrellas create a dry fog that does not wet users to offer an ultimate shade experience.

Are you ready for the summer heat? If you’re planning on spending some time outdoors, then you need to be prepared!

Cool-Off™ based in Las Vegas, Nevada, announces the launch of its new collection of cantilever umbrellas for patios. The Mister Brella™ collection combines the latest cooling technologies with stylish designs to offer customers a premier misting umbrella.

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The new collection is recommended for anyone who wants both form and function. All umbrellas come with a patented high-pressure app-controlled pump unit, 14 misting nozzle ports, and .006” stainless steel anti-drip nozzles that deliver 1000 pounds of pressure of cold fog with zero wetting. And you can choose either an automatic or manual function!

The Mister Brella™ collection currently has three patent-pending features, collectively known as the Integrated Mist Platform (IMP). Each feature works with the other to create a mist cooling shade structure for residential and commercial establishments.

The first is the app-controlled high-pressure mist pump module operating at 1000 PSI. The second is the fully integrated misting line that is hidden inside the anodized aluminum mast structure of the umbrella. The last is the mist delivery system which delivers a fogging effect with no wetting. 

The team at Cool-Off says that it has taken years of research and development for them to create a misting umbrella that sprays just the right amount of moisture. Further, they wanted to have a stylish item that would make you proud to display in your home, restaurant, or bar.

The umbrellas are recommended for areas with dry heat, especially during the summer.

As part of the launch, Cool-Off announces that it is offering all its umbrellas at a discounted price for a limited time. All the umbrellas are in stock and are ready to be shipped nationwide for free within 48 hours.

A spokesperson for the company wrote, “We announce a breakthrough in outdoor patio cooling by infusing a high-pressure misting system into our cantilever umbrella. At first glance, the Mister Brella™ is striking, almost imposing. With its sleek choice of color options, this umbrella takes innovation to a whole new level.”

Happy and COOL times ahead! Don’t let summer bring you down.

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