B&B Insurance For Lodges & Inns With Comprehensive Coverage: Essential Policy

May 23, 2023

Are you a small-business owner in the hospitality industry? Stay protected – Wister Insurance offers hospitality insurance for B&B, lodges, boutique hotels, or inns.

You already know that running a boutique hotel, bed and breakfast, or event center is hard work! Why not alleviate some of your stress with a comprehensive insurance policy from Wister Insurance that covers all risk exposures?

The company's hospitality insurance services fill a niche need in the hospitality industry. The day-to-day management of a B&B, boutique hotel, or inn can be challenging, with unique risks to the business and to you, as the owner. The hospitality insurance services from Wister help you rest in the knowledge that all aspects of your business are fully covered.

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The services offered include a close level of attention to fine details, including property and casualty insurance standpoints. To match the needs of your modern hospitality business, Wister Insurance identifies needs, pinpoints solutions, and works to deliver a quality insurance product for all your needs, whether you own a resort, lodge, hotel, motel, or event center.

Unlike more common forms of insurance, such as home or auto, hospitality insurance involves complex risk and variable exposure, requiring a high level of attention and care. A successful hospitality business has many aspects, each with its own property and casualty insurance exposure. These include physical structures and contents, employees and/or contractors, and lost business income. Insurance coverage must also extend to any amenities you may offer on-site, such as exercise areas, swimming pools, autos, food and liquor, and more. An insurance plan from experienced brokers addresses these complicated issues.

Based on over a century of experience, Wister Insurance offers modern, updated bed and breakfast insurance policies that are streamlined into four areas of coverage: income, liability, building(s), and contents. Working from this basic foundation, the insurance policy is tailored around the unique needs of your hospitality business.

The company highlights the customized aspects of each insurance plan. A company spokesperson comments, “Every hospitality business operation is different, which in turn creates exclusive insurance needs. It is our job to understand your particular business and identify your unique exposure.”

Wister Insurance brokers are available for hospitality insurance consultations, including a review of your current coverage, identification of coverage gaps, and proposed solutions. The experienced staff will work with your business of any size, from boutique hotels to large event centers.

A properly-constructed hospitality insurance plan can give you peace of mind by providing insurance for your business, as well as for you as an individual. Wister’s policies offer protection through a single, unified policy.

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Take a load off your mind today with an updated hospitality insurance policy from Wister Insurance!

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