Bed & Breakfast Insurance In Maryland To Protect Your Business From Liability

Jun 24, 2024

Maryland’s Wister Insurance (888-241-1902) knows hospitality insurance and they are pleased to be bringing B&B owners the ultimate peace of mind that comes from knowing they are covered no matter what.

Wister Insurance wants you to ask yourself is your B&B really insured? If there is a fire, are you covered? What about a flood? What if one of your guests slips and falls? What if one of your workers gets injured?

If you run a B&B, you need the right insurance, and you can find the best at 

Insure Your B&B

Wister Insurance aims to provide more comprehensive protection for your B&B, ensuring both the safety of your guests and minimizing the potential risks you face as an owner.

As a specialist insurer, Wister understands the needs of hospitality clients, especially hotels and motels, lodges and resorts and bed and breakfasts, and they recommend their new insurance services to you if you are seeking a personalized coverage plan for your B&B. 

Are You Protected?

Wister Insurance has watched as the bed and breakfast industry has boomed in Maryland and across the United States, in part due to the success of Airbnb and other big online platforms. However, what they have also seen is that with so many new people migrating into the industry and with the laws around B&Bs changing so swiftly, many B&B owners do not have the coverage they need to adequately and legally cover their business activities. 

This, as they explain, is an error that could potentially result in you facing costly legal claims and financial losses. 

As a spokesperson for the insurers said, “A successful B&B has lots of moving parts, and each part presents its own property and casualty insurance exposure. This includes the physical structures(s) plus contents, lost business income, employees or contractors, potential amenities such as swimming pools, exercise equipment, food, liquor, auto, and so much more.” 

Get Comprehensive Coverage

Therefore, with their expanded policy, Wister Insurance is offering you a more comprehensive range of coverage options, including property insurance, general liability insurance, and workers’ compensation insurance. You can now benefit from full guest injury and property damage coverage, which will protect you against any legal and/or financial liabilities arising from accidents or incidents involving your guests or your property. 

Their spokesperson added, “Having an experienced hospitality insurance broker makes all the difference when crafting an appropriate risk mitigation plan. Let us learn about your business and craft a custom insurance solution today.” 

The Wister Difference

The team at Wister Insurance has over 100 years of experience in hospitality insurance, which they are pleased to offer you.

Having developed over 30 years ago what has since become the leading hospitality insurance policy US-wide, their team remains committed to providing you with personalized risk mitigation strategies, exceptional insurance knowledge, and strong customer service. 

If you want the specialist insurers to review your current coverage, find any gaps and make the most comprehensive plan possible for you, go to

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