Customized Bed & Breakfast Insurance in Maryland with Personal Use Coverage

Jun 7, 2024

Get dual insurance for your Maryland B&B with personal use and public liability coverage under one policy with Wister Insurance (888-241-1902)!

Bed and Breakfast Insurance Experts in Maryland

Do you know exactly what's included in your current bed and breakfast insurance? Probably not, right? So why not contact the experts at Wister Insurance to get more information about risk mitigation strategies?

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Wister Insurance is a Maryland-based insurance company that specializes in hospitality insurance. The company has a unique B&B insurance program, with public liability and personal use coverage under the same policy.

Collect Your Personal and Professional Insurance Under One Policy

As Wister Insurance points out, many B&B owners previously had to settle with insufficient coverage divided into two policies: one for the personal use of their homes and one for the business operating on the same ground, until the company came up with the first tailored solution for this type of lodging business. By offering two-in-one insurance, Wister Insurance wants to provide you with a convenient solution to manage your business insurance.

"Over 30 years ago, Wister executives developed the first hybrid commercial insurance policy to address this issue," a spokesperson for the company said. "To this day, lodge and resort insurance carriers across the U.S. have modeled their programs after this dual or hybrid insurance concept."

Customized B&B Insurance

Wister Insurance divides its process for customizing hospitality insurance into three steps: identify, customize, and deliver. The agents will review your existing policy to see if there are any gaps to fill or customize a new policy. The company has a range of options and add-ons depending on your type of business and property, including liquor liability, amenities and activities, and equipment breakdown coverage.

Why Exclusion-Based is Better Than Named-Perils Insurance

Additionally, Wister Insurance's policies work on an exclusion-based form. Contrary to named-perils insurance, this type of insurance includes everything that isn't removed, meaning it's easier to customize the policy to suit your needs without overinsuring. By offering expert risk mitigation advice and educating you on hospitality insurance, the agents can find a balance between coverage and premium.

Hospitality Insurance for All Lodgers

In addition to the B&B insurance program, Wister Insurance helps hotels, motels, resorts, event centers, and more find a policy that suits their needs. With the hospitality insurance expert's experience, you can focus on business operations and growth, knowing that your investments are protected.

"Hospitality insurance is a niche, and anyone who tells you otherwise is misinformed," the spokesperson said. "We identify needs, find solutions, and deliver a superior insurance product for the modern hospitality business, from bed and breakfasts to boutique hotel resorts."

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