Atlanta’s Best Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help You Get Full Compensation

Sep 7, 2022

If you suffered injury from a slip and fall and now looking for experienced attorneys to help you receive compensation – these personal injury lawyers in Atlanta can help. Call 470-888-6806 today to schedule a free consultation.

Atlanta’s Best Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help You Get Full Compensation

Recovery from a slip and fall accident can be long not to mention expensive. But you don’t have to go it alone.

The team at Cambre & Associates is ready to fight for you. They’ll help you file legal claims against the errant party and ensure you receive the maximum settlement possible for your injury, loss, and trauma.

Visit to learn how the firm can help you.

In line with their mission, the firm’s attorneys are now available to provide you with legal assistance at any time of the day—this is especially helpful as you can get legal advice shortly after the fall when your recollection of the events is still fresh.

According to the Center for Disease Control, 95% of hip fractures among seniors are caused by falls. In children aged zero to nine, it is a leading cause of nonfatal injuries. While falls are normal accidents, Cambre & Associates stated that when a slip and fall is because of a business or property owner’s actions or inactions, it is considered negligence and you can sue under Georgia’s premises liability codes.

The practice comprises professionals with the legal skill sets and litigation experience to handle cases that involve complex personal injuries. The attorneys strive to negotiate with the other party’s insurance to reach a settlement that covers your medical bills, recovers legal fees, and compensates for lost income.

Where it is not possible to settle out of court, the personal injury attorneys will push for a trial and, if need be, hire expert witnesses to bolster the evidence gathered. Cambre & Associates’ aggressive representation is driven by the conviction that everyone deserves to be heard and that you shouldn’t pay for someone else’s actions.

The firm offers its service on a contingency fee basis, meaning you only pay after winning your personal injury case.

“Cambre & Associates is a great personal injury law firm. My case manager was Tameeka. She kept me well informed throughout my settlement process,” a happy client remarked. “The best part is that she pushed for the highest settlement in my case and actually achieved it. Thank you, Cambre & Associates, and extra kudos to Tameeka.”

Get the compensation you deserve after a slip and fall accident that leaves you injured or bedridden. Call 470-888-6806 to discuss your case with experienced personal injury lawyers.

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