Atlanta, GA Legal Practice: Get Maximum Compensation For Car Crash Injuries

Jun 16, 2022

Were you injured in a car crash? Allow Cambre & Associates (+1-470-888-6806), an Atlanta, GA-based law firm, to represent your case!

Atlanta, GA Legal Practice: Get Maximum Compensation For Car Crash Injuries

As if getting your car damaged in a crash weren’t bad enough, you’ve also sustained injuries, too. And as you may well know, getting medical treatment is not cheap. That’s why Cambre & Associates offers legal representation so you won’t have to face this challenge alone.

The service entails suing the errant party so they will be forced to pay the damages. Lawyers will make sure to ask for the maximum recompense possible to cover your medical care and lost wages.

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Cambre & Associates offers 24/7 assistance to victims like you, allowing you to get legal advice shortly after the accident when your recollection of events is still fresh.

According to Cambre & Associates, there are six million car accidents a year in the United States, with one in three crashes resulting in personal injuries to either the driver or the passengers. Whiplash is a common issue, but other debilitating injuries can also be sustained.

Sustaining a whiplash injury can hamper your ability to work and do everyday tasks. As such, you have the right to file a lawsuit against the other driver for compensation even for a minor car accident. Cambre & Associates has extensive experience in litigating vehicular accidents and can help you financially recover from the crash.

Its lawyers will carefully review your case and collect evidence to establish culpability. They will strive to settle your lawsuit out of court but can also litigate it if the other party denies liability. If needed, they will hire expert witnesses to attest to the extent of your injury and bolster the evidence gathered.

You can request a discovery meeting to find out if your case will hold up in court. To do so, you simply need to call the office or use the chatbot function on the website to book a schedule.

Cambre & Associates was founded by Attorney Glenn Cambre, a U.S. Navy veteran who earned his Juris Doctorate from John Marshall Law School in Atlanta. The firm has seven litigation attorneys who have handled a broad range of personal injury cases. These include premises liability, dog bites, slip-and-fall accidents, and wrongful death.

Attorney Cambre says: “We make sure that everyone has a fair chance to get the justice they deserve. That’s why we don’t charge clients a fee unless we win their case.”

Being involved in a car crash is a tragedy indeed. But you have a trusted partner who will fight for you every step of the way. Get in touch with Cambre & Associates today!

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