Arlington’s Best Roof Repair & Replacement Expert For Wind, Hail Damage

Aug 17, 2023

Rooftop wrecked by wind damage? Reach out to the roofing restoration experts at Texas Tough Roofing (817-767-3405) to receive the fast and reliable rooftop replacement you need.

You're minding your business on a peaceful Texas day when suddenly a windstorm sweeps through and destroys your roof. A damaged roof can become even more frustrating when you think about having to deal with a contractor you don't even know you can trust. Texas Tough Roofing is an expert team of experienced, honest contractors who combine for approximately a century-and-a-half of rooftop repair experience.

To receive expert roofing help from highly experienced professionals, visit

Texas Tough Roofing’s expert contractors provide tailored roof repair solutions. The company can solve virtually any rooftop issue you may have. Contact their team if you need precisely targeted shingle repair or even total rooftop replacement.

The Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington area experiences a high amount of severe weather. In late February of this year, NBC reported that winds exceeding 80 MPH caused widespread damage to roofs throughout the region. This included a roof being ripped off an apartment building in Hurst and the partial collapse of a shopping center’s roof in Little Elm. Texas Tough Roofing’s expanded wind damage repair services provide the roof restoration Texans too frequently require.

Texas Tough Roofing goes beyond simply repairing rooftops. The company is here to help assist you with the insurance claims process. Many types of wind damage are covered by homeowner’s insurance, but the benefits process can be complex. The company's experienced team will walk you through each step of your insurance claim so you can receive the insurance coverage you need.

The company serves clients in Collin County, Dallas County, Denton County, Ellis County, Johnson County, Kaufman County, Parker County, Rockwall County, Tarrant County, and Wise County.

Texas Tough Roofing’s wind damage repair services are carried out by a highly experienced team. While the company itself is new, its rooftop repair crews are composed of professionals with over 150 years of combined roof inspection and replacement experience.

The company's roofing services are not limited to repairing wind damage. Texas Tough Roofing is here to help solve rooftop issues caused by storm damage, hail damage, and more. The company can also handle essentially any roof leak issue you may be dealing with.

Don't let your rooftop remain broken. Contact the experts at to receive the quality repair you deserve.

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