8 Pictures Of Salman Khan Looking Ridiculously Tall

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Salman Khan can take off his shirts anytime, anywhere he wants but there is one thing he can’t probably do  – ‘taking off his shoes’.

At 5 feet 7.1 inches (internet says 5′ 8½”), Salman is  little taller than Bollywood’s shortest lead actor Aamir Khan but with the help of his magic shoes, technology, and a little bit of camera trick, he can actually look taller than the rest of us.

Here are eight photos of Salman Khan transforming himself from short man to tall man.

1. No matter how tall the actress is, Salman has to be always taller than her. Here is Bollywood’s tallest actress Sushmita Sen becoming 2 inches short.                                       

Salman with Shushmita


2.  Only possible when you wear a pair of freaking shoes.

Salman With Sanjay Dutt


3. Because that day Ajay Devgan forgot to wear his shoes.

Ajay and Salman


4. Well done cameraman, but this is too much!

Khali with Salman Khan



5. Posing with tall actresses might be Salman’s biggest fear.

Salman Khan with Shilpa Shetty


6. Salman Khan with Anil Kapoor and Fardeen Khan in No Entry.

Salman Khan in No-Entry


7. Being tall! Salman Khan always managed to appear taller than Katrina Kaif. His magic shoes came to the rescue.



8. Sallu’s favourite trick: While posing with tall people, he always moves forward and stands closer to the camera to look taller than them.

Salman and Sharukh posing together


Bonus: Afterall, Salman Khan can’t hide his real height.

Salman shorter than Khali

All that said, Salman Khan is one of the greatest actors in this entire planet. His talents can be seen in many of his movies.


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