Woke & Funky Rap Apparel Celebrates 50th Anniversary of Hip Hop In Style

May 16, 2023

Check it out! Jaleja Products (678.524.8079), also known as “The Street Store”, has designed a 50th Anniversary of Hip Hop & Rap apparel collection with inspirations from famous entertainer, Gene Anderson.

Introducing their ultimate tribute to the genre that changed the music scene forever, Jaleja Products launches the "50th Anniversary of Hip Hop and Rap" apparel collection. This is not just another bunch of clothes; this is a celebration of an entire culture that has revolutionized the way we think, dress, and party!

Check it out now at https://jalejaproducts2.myspreadshop.com/

The collection features an image from the cover of the book, "The Birth of Hip Hop Rapper's Delight The Gene Anderson Story", written by Gene Anderson who has been hailed as a legendary entertainer. Also included are designs like “Dropping Bars,” “I Live to Spit,” and “I’m a DJ.”

Gene Anderson, AKA Poo Poo Man, promoted and broke “Rapper's Delight” by the Sugar Hill Gang, which has been recognized as the first commercially successful rap record. He is also the author of “The Birth of Hip Hop Rapper’s Delight the Gene Anderson Story” which documents this experience.

In addition to this collection, Jaleja Products has produced nearly 120 other eye-catching designs and stocks roughly 12,000 apparel items including hats, sweatpants, T-shirts, hoodies, coffee mugs and more. As a whole, the collections celebrate the love and success of music, sports and conscious culture with clever and funny designs, such as their “I Want to Sax You Up” graphic. You'll definitely find something great that makes you laugh and spreads goodwill around you!

Jaleja Products seeks to promote its company ethic of mindfulness, woke values, and gratitude, and many collections feature slogans that promote self esteem, family, and the importance of relationships.

They also walk the talk! The company supports non-profit organizations: a portion of all sales go to charities that support challenged youth. Additionally, LP and Jacinta have spent many years mentoring and working with youth and adults--some incarcerated, in gangs or simply struggling with life. They are currently seeking affiliates, influencers and salespersons to come aboard and promote the Jaleja brand.

About Jaleja Products

Jaleja Products, which can be reached at 678.524.8079, is an American family business run by LP - “The Visionary” and Jacinta - “The Angel.” Their life together, beginning with an early marriage in Boston and growing through various hardships, has taught them the values that make their business unique: faith, gratefulness, power, dedication, and love.

A business spokesperson says: “We are less about glitz and glamour and more about simplicity. Our mission is to provide our customers and clients the best we have to offer in uplifting entertainment, apparel and literature. Much more than that, our products are soul inspired and heart driven… creating great feelings, great thoughts and great lives!”

With the 50th-anniversary celebration of Hip Hop and Rap just around the corner (it's on August 11 - mark your calendar!), you'll want to celebrate in style - and Jaleja Products might have exactly what you need!

Go to https://www.facebook.com/Jalejaproducts for more!

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