Wireless Android Auto Adapter: WiFi Adapter Promotes Road Safety, Without Lag

Aug 10, 2023

Carsifi doesn’t just let you use Android Auto without cables – the innovative WiFi adapter can also help make your rides safer.

With vehicle safety in mind, Carsifi offers an Android Auto WiFi dongle that your family will surely appreciate.

The device allows you to pair your smartphone to your infotainment system without cables. More importantly, it unlocks voice commands, allowing you to focus on the road instead of touching your handset, thereby reducing distractions.

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The device allows hands-free launching of Android Auto apps like navigation, music, communication, news, and audiobooks. Ihor Martsekha, who heads the startup that developed Carsifi, says that despite the wireless connection, you can expect a lag-free experience.

Data from the National Safety Council shows that 1.6 million crashes each year are attributed to phone use while driving. Aside from causing property damage, such mishaps can also inflict serious injuries — some of which can be fatal.

Carsifi was created to allow you to access Android Auto wirelessly, so you can keep your hands on the wheel without compromising on accessing your favorite apps. It works with any infotainment system that already runs Android Auto. If you have Android 8 or earlier installed on your dashboard, you can download a companion app to facilitate the pairing process.

Martsekha adds that Carsifi is a more cost-effective alternative to buying an entertainment system that has built-in WiFi, which can cost hundreds of dollars. Hence, it democratizes the “smart car” experience, which is one of the startup’s goals with the product.

The CEO says: “It’s important to avoid distractions when you’re on the road to reduce your chances of being in an accident. Carsifi is a product that offers greater convenience and keeps your focus on the most important task at hand: driving. It’s a small device that can make a big difference in your driving experience.”

The company delivers worldwide and orders are typically fulfilled within four to seven days. Your purchase is covered by a 30-day return policy; if the device cannot be paired to your car for whatever reason, you are entitled to a refund as well. Carsifi has partnered with OPay to enable you to pay for orders in four interest-free installments.

With so many benefits, you have no reason not to get Carsifi. Buy it today to discover a smarter and safer way to drive.

The Carsifi Android Auto dongle is exclusively available for purchase at https://carsifi.com/

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