California Transportation Companies Get Fast Approvals For TCP Applications Here

May 2, 2024

Have you been putting off sorting out your TCP application? If you need guidance on what you need to do to secure expedited approval within a couple of weeks, reach out to BusinessRocket (310-424-5558)!

Need TCP registration for a new business venture? Wondering what you need to do to keep your vehicles and drivers compliant on the roads?

California-based business consultancy BusinessRocket can help you get the transportation charter permits you need so you can get moving! More details at

BusinessRocket has already helped to register over 10,000 TCP licenses for both large and small companies. Now it's your turn!

As a TCP applicant, you must first register your business as stipulated by the Public Utilities Commission (PUC). BusinessRocket can assist in this regard, offering application support for business owners wishing to attain LLC, corporation, DBA, or partnership status. They provide guidance on which type of business structure will be most beneficial to your needs.

The BusinessRocket team also guides TCP applicants through the process of enrolling in the California DMV Pull Notice Program, which allows you to monitor the driving records of your employees. This ensures each driver has a valid license and runs checks for problematic driving history, improving public safety and minimizing liability in the process.

Part of BusinessRocket's service is commercial registration. You can contact them before purchasing a vehicle for guidance on vendor requirements, vehicle inspection standards, and insurance costs, and to access support throughout the registration process.

TCP applicants must also have commercial insurance in place. Thanks to BusinessRocket's network of partners, you can access concessionary premiums when considering your choice of provider.

Furthermore, BusinessRocket can assist with controlled substance testing - another requirement of being granted a PUC license - via a network of preferred facilities.

After securing the required documentation, BusinessRocket can submit a TCP application on your behalf, preparing and checking all necessary paperwork before submitting it to the PUC for review and approval. The company works directly with the PUC to expedite the TCP activation process.

"Our job is to help entrepreneurs get their fleets on the road fast so that they and their employees start earning ASAP," a company spokesperson said. "If you're a rideshare or trucking business owner who's struggling with your TCP application, give us a call, and we'll sort it out for you."

Get on the road with fast TCP approvals courtesy of BusinessRocket!

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