Why Monte Ana Haven Is The Best Vacation Villa If You Plan To Visit Buda, Davao

Aug 5, 2023

Monte Ana Haven in Baganihan, Marilog, Davao City is a jewel of a vacation home our church group enjoyed for its gorgeous scenery, thoughtful decor, and homestyle comfort. It was an experience of a lifetime!

If you're looking for a beautiful and relaxing rental villa, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, I highly recommend Monte Ana Haven. It's perfect for family vacations, a getaway with friends, and even for yoga groups or company retreats. Located in the majestic mountains surrounding Davao City, Monte Ana Haven is a welcoming villa, like no other.

I'm part of a church committee that needed to conduct rigorous planning for our Parish's upcoming 60th Parochial Fiesta. We chose Monte Ana Haven for our group, and it was more than we ever dreamed!

The villa gave us just what our minds needed: a level of peace and quiet that connected us to our inner selves; inspiration that generated some of our best ideas; calm surroundings that helped us listen to each other's opinions; and a sense of focus that led to us finishing our work early. We had time to explore and enjoy all the amenities and beautiful nature Monte Ana Haven has to offer, and we hope to return again soon to plan our next big celebration.

Who knew you could book a sumptuous private villa in the Baganihan hilltops just outside of Davao City for a fraction of what you'd pay at a resort? And the best part is you can enjoy the entire property with your family, friends, or, as was our case, with your church group, without any of the constraints that come with hotels. We had the kitchen, pools, gardens, patios, everything to ourselves, and it was simply incredible.

If you're looking for an immersive travel experience where you can rest and recalibrate while surrounded by nature's best, this is the vacation home that checks all the boxes.

Monte Ana Haven is located in what's also known as the Buda area, which we found very appropriately named because of the zen-like panoramic views and gardens that offered just the right tone for a beautiful, memorable, productive getaway.

Check out photos of the sights at https://www.facebook.com/monteanahaven

Everyone has their own reasons for traveling but for many, it's a great way to break from their daily routines, enjoy new experiences, and explore new surroundings.

This is where I believe Monte Ana Haven really shines.

While we were there to plan our Parish's Fiesta, I can imagine extended families having the time of their lives here. It's also a great place for today's digital nomads who like to explore the world while working, and for corporate groups that need to take time for team building away from business environments and busy city environments. Monte Ana Haven has something for everyone.

The home feels comfy and cozy and can accommodate up to 20 visitors at a time. For anyone planning a big birthday or anniversary party that still hasn't found just the right location, I can't think of a better place to host a special celebration and weekend getaway.

The villa is cooled by the fresh mountain air and the scenery is simply stunning. All basic kitchen appliances, such as a fridge, a rice cooker, pots, pans, and utensils are provided. There's a fire pit in the back for outdoor grilling (although you'll need to bring your own charcoal) and the pool is such a thrill, for kids and adults alike!

This is definitely where recreation and tranquility meet.

And let's not forget affordability.

Even though Monte Ana Haven is an exclusive vacation home it is designed to feel like your own home (if your home were in the remote, lush hilltops of Davao).

Whether you're part of a yoga group, a big family that loves to travel together, or a group like ours, you'll love the expansive landscapes, garden sitting areas, sweeping views, and a whole host of ecotherapeutic benefits at this awe-inspiring getaway location.

Beautiful, spacious, and you can even do videoke. I can't recommend this incredible getaway highly enough. Five stars. Very relaxing. Worth every centavo.

Are you ready to build lifelong memories in the breathtaking Buda area? You can find out more at https://www.facebook.com/monteanahaven

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