Why I Love Pur Carbon’s Luxury Carbon Fiber Cigar Set for Valentine’s

Feb 4, 2021

Pur Carbon, announced its annual 20% off cigar-lover coupon code, VDAY2021, for Valentine’s Day and I’m in love! Here’s why you’ll fall in love with it too…

You'll Want to Try This Sophisticated Gift Set Perfect for Cigar Lovers Who Want The Latest Tools and Toys

Pur Carbon, the premier carbon fiber luxury e-commerce store, announced its annual 20% off cigar-lover coupon code, VDAY2021, for Valentine’s Day andd I'm in love! The store’s Aficionado Carbon Fiber Deluxe Cigar Set is the best-in-class deluxe cigar set. Included are a travel humidor, stainless jet torch lighter, cigar stand with punch, razor sharp, precision V-Cutter and a sleek custom ashtray. The Aficionado Carbon Fiber Deluxe Cigar Set is the perfect gift.

Valentine’s Day is important for the cigar lovers in your life. The Aficionado Carbon Fiber Deluxe Cigar Set allows you to show appreciation for a connoisseur who is looking to elevate his cigar experience. It is incredibly elegant, a pleasure to use and fun to show off. It's ideal for that someone special to light up and relax in style.

I really admire the sleek style of the stogie holder, the v-tipped cutter and the trigger-style lighter. The premier gift set is the ultimate stogie accessory collection that will impress all your cigar-smoking pals and partners. Recipients of the Aficionado Carbon Fiber Deluxe Cigar Set can take pleasure in the well-known resilience of stainless steel and carbon fiber accessories in this luxury bundle.

Other carbon fiber brands come close, however no cigar (forgive the pun). I can't picture a much better gift idea for somebody who is into cigars and also values the efficiency technology of social carbon fiber devices.

Pur Carbon is the leader in fiber items. The store uses lots of products on its e-commerce site. They focus on unique, luxury accessories. All their items are made from real carbon fiber. The material provides strength and resilience for essential, everyday personal products like cellular phones, airpods, wallets and crucial organizers. Pur Carbon is a leading high-end brand with the strictest quality and structured design.

Carbon fiber is a lightweight and extremely strong polymer material made from thin carbon strands twisted to increase resistance to breaking. The material is harder than steel yet is an incredibly lightweight substance and is easy to use for producing everything from humidors to bicycles. The design industry and engineers love to work with carbon fiber, which is likewise known as graphite fiber, using it for a wide array of applications.

The set's sale price is $160.00, however if you rush, you can get 20% off using the discount coupon code, VDAY2021 through February 14th 2021.

You can also save 15% on extra products by joining the Pur Carbon VIP List. It is quick and free to sign up on their website.

Pur Carbon likewise recommends offering one's preferred person a present card for any and all of its unique items consisting of the new Aramag ™ Carbon Fiber Case for the iPhone 12 Series, with special features consisting of absolutely no signal disturbance, and ease of use with magnetic battery chargers and Apple Magsafe ® products.

For more information go to https://pur-carbon.com

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