Why Construction Firms Must Rethink Content Creation After Google’s March Update

Apr 17, 2024

Google’s March 2024 update has sent a shockwave across the web, with countless websites losing their hard-won rankings overnight. How can fledgling construction firms adjust to these new rules and maintain their web presence amid rising competition?

It’s bound to happen.

After ChatGPT opened the sluice gates that led to the deluge of AI-generated content, Google finally laid down the hammer last March 2024 and introduced changes to its algorithm in an attempt to combat "spammy" content produced at scale.

For construction companies that played by the rules since Day 1, this is welcome news. But for those that lost their rankings after the latest algorithm shake-up, what could be done to return to the search engine giant’s good graces?

The need for high-quality content

Cloudtech Digital's John Hardiman is no stranger to massive shifts in Google's preferences. Prior to establishing his agency, Hardiman had plenty of experience divining algorithm changes as the owner of an e-commerce business—an experience that he's now using to help other businesses.

In a recent piece, he emphasized the importance of high-quality content not just as a means to attract one's intended audience but also to keep one’s position in search engine rankings.

"For the construction sector, content that’s useful, informative, and relevant to the target audience is crucial," he wrote. "For instance, a blog post discussing the different types of materials used in home construction would be extremely beneficial to someone planning to build a new home. Relevant content attracts organic traffic, engages the audience, and establishes your company as an authority in the field."

Hardiman further explained that high-quality content should be on top of construction firms’ list of marketing must-dos, as while Google’s actions seem novel, its preference for thoughtfully crafted and useful content has been established for years.

Using AI responsibly

So, should AI be completely avoided when creating content? Not quite. In fact, AI-generated content can still rank, provided certain conditions are met.

A recent article by Search Engine Journal addressing questions on Google's March update pointed to the search engine's company's self-assessment questions as a means of guiding content creators. The publication said that those looking to create content using AI should check if the resulting article measures up and displays "concepts" found only on spam-free websites.

One such question asks if the content in question provides "original information, reporting, research, or analysis". Search Engine Journal said that unoriginal work is the "hallmark" of generative AI like ChatGPT, thus for AI-generated content to rank, it must exhibit qualities present only in human-authored articles such as sourcing and proof of the author's expertise.

Cloudtech Digital's founder, however, said that while this route seems simple enough on the surface, it presents challenges to the majority of construction companies nationwide, as most are small operations with limited marketing know-how.

“The issue most construction companies have with producing original content is the lack of capability,” Hardiman said. “So, instead of a DIY approach, which puts you at risk of getting it wrong and penalized, talk to a digital marketing agency that can do the heavy lifting for you.”

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