Wholesale Travel Booking Website Gives Best Prices For Low Monthly Membership

Aug 30, 2022

Did you know that booking websites put big markups on prices for hotels and flights? Freedom Travel is a unique, members-only platform that provides you with real wholesale prices.

Wholesale Travel Booking Website Gives Best Prices For Low Monthly Membership

You pay just $8 per month, or $96 per year, and that gives you access to prices that have zero markup. Considering how much you could save on your next trip, this unique new platform is set to take the online travel market by storm.

Go to https://www.freedom.travel for more information.

Freedom Travel believes that the new approach to online bookings will significantly reduce prices for travelers just like you. While major online booking platforms apply a markup to the retail rates they offer, the new service passes all discounts directly to you.

According to a recent report from Allied Market Research, the global online travel industry is projected to be worth $1,835.6 billion by 2031, representing an annual growth rate of 14.8%. Popularity of such services is attributed to the convenience that online flight and hotel bookings give you, along with greater levels of trust in digital payment systems.

As with other providers, the new Freedom Travel platform works with suppliers to obtain wholesale pricing. Once signed in, you are offered the same ability to search for hotels, flights, rental cars, and holiday packages as they would find on other platforms.

Where the service differs is that the wholesale pricing remains unchanged. Freedom Travel believes that you could realize much greater savings than the platform’s monthly membership fee of $8, allowing you to have much more spending money for your next vacation.

About Freedom Travel

Established in 2021 with the goal of democratizing the travel industry, the company has already seen significant pricing differentials when compared with other platforms. The non-profit Give A Vacay Foundation is also affiliated with the service, and a proportion of each membership goes towards sending underprivileged families on their first vacation.

A representative of Freedom Travel recently stated: “Our members-only platform offers the same travel options you see on other booking sites, but with one big difference. Our rates are up to 70% less than the rates you see on retail booking sites. Every time you view a hotel, Freedom compares your exclusive membership price with the lowest public rates and shows you how much you’re saving.”

Why pay huge markups to a middleman? Your low monthly membership gives you access to the best prices, and you’re also helping underprivileged families.

Get a free trial today. Check out https://www.freedom.travel so you can learn more.

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