Whole House Vacuum System – Call Oklahoma City Central Vac Dealer For Free Quote

Oct 7, 2022

Vacuuming your home just got a lot easier. With Oklahoma City-based Advanced Vacuum System’s (405-691-8800) range of built-in vacuum units, you can now conveniently clean your home without hauling heavy units up and down.

Whole House Vacuum System - Call Oklahoma City Central Vac Dealer For Free Quote

Did you know that installing a central vacuum system often turns out to be cheaper than portable vacuum cleaners?

You see, built-in units are more durable than your regular vacuum cleaner, meaning you don’t have to replace them for years, unlike the portable units that need to be replaced after just a few years.

That’s why Advanced Vacuum Systems wants you to enjoy these cost-saving benefits with its selection of central vacuum systems that includes Cyclovac, VacuMaid, MD, Flo-Master, and more.

Check out the company’s product range here: https://centralvacokc.com

Central vacuum systems are becoming popular because of their cleaning performance, convenience, and cost-saving benefits. Compared to portable units, built-in vacuum systems have three times more suction power. They come with suitable hoses, which are lightweight and easy to maneuver around the house, eliminating the need for you to carry a heavy unit from room to room.

The company’s central vacuum systems can significantly improve your indoor air quality. The equipment eliminates the re-circulation of dirty air inside your living space by funneling dust and debris through a tube to an out-of-the-way waste bin.

The company can install a central vacuum system in new and existing homes. These permanent home improvement additions can boost the resale value of your property.

The vacuum motor is installed in a remote part of the house, such as the basement, garage, or utility room, to minimize noise pollution often associated with vacuuming. The company's SilentMaster model is known for its low noise threshold, producing 64dB of noise, which is comparable to the sound level produced by an electric toothbrush.

Advanced Vacuum Systems is a VDTA-certified installer comprising technicians with decades of experience troubleshooting and repairing various makes and models of central vacuum systems.

Along with the installation and servicing of central vacuum systems, the company also offers advice on the most suitable units for your home.

A satisfied customer said, "Advanced Vacuum was a life saver twice when we had issues with our central vac system in a house we moved into. Friendly, fast service, and Greg solved our problems quickly. We then had him install a central vacuum system in our daughter’s house; his work was professional and reasonably priced. I highly recommend them

If you’re in the market for a quieter alternative to the traditional portable vacuum cleaner, this Oklahoma central vacuum system installer have you covered.

Need more info? Visit https://centralvacokc.com or call 405-691-8800 to request a free quote.

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