When To Start Packing: Moving Preparation Tips Revealed By Pittsburgh Experts

Feb 8, 2024

Packing can be relaxed or panicked – it all comes down to when you start! Of course, deciding when to start isn’t easy, so read this Movers.com guide to learn more!

The definitive guide on when to start packing before moving!

If you’re moving home, packing is likely one of the steps you’re dreading the most! However, leaving it to the last minute is a good way to ensure that moving day is a nightmare. 

Don’t let it happen - read this Movers.com packing guide and stay prepared! 

Part of the site’s growing library of relocation resources, this guide focuses on the best time to start packing in advance of moving day itself. It includes a graphic flowchart alluding to the importance of efficient packing preparation. Get ready to discover the balance between ensuring readiness and maintaining access to your everyday belongings.

Within the guide, Movers.com continues to assist families like yours as you plan home moves across short and long distances alike. It acknowledges that the question of when to start packing is crucial - it’s ready to settle the debate without contributing to the stress brought by moving.

While your primary consideration when packing is the amount of belongings you need to relocate, Movers.com emphasizes that with care, the process can be relatively easy. Instead of packing everything in a short amount of time, its guide recommends that your packing be stretched out in a structured manner.

The right time revealed!

As detailed in the guide: “A good rule of thumb is to start about a month before your move (or as soon as you're aware you're moving), packing a little bit at a time. This way you have plenty of time to sort through your things first to limit the size of your move. This will also help you to stay organized and manage your time throughout the process.”

Once you’ve established the best time to pack, the Movers.com guide also provides guidance in the form of a step-by-step checklist conducive to a smoother process. The article suggests that you should start your packing with lesser-used rooms, reasoning that your essential items are likely to be found in the kitchen and elsewhere. 

In addition, Movers.com offers several tips designed to organize the packing stage - citing color coding and labeling as efficiency-centered strategies that can significantly lessen the stress and difficulty of your moving.

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Addressing those on the verge of moving, Movers.com asks: “Don’t want to have to worry about when to pack your belongings? Hire a moving company to do the job for you. Fill out a fast quote form to find moving companies in your area and don't forget to ask about their wrapping and packing services.” 

Movers.com knows moving - it’s in the name!

Are you planning to move in Pittsburgh or nearby? 

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