CHARBONE Leads Green Hydrogen In North America With Top Independent Valuation

May 16, 2024

CHARBONE HYDROGEN CORPORATION (TSXV: CH; OTCQB: CHHYF; FSE: K47) has just been valued at a significant US$60.8 million, another big win for North America’s new leaders in green hydrogen.

CHARBONE Hydrogen Receives Independent Valuation of US$60.8 million

CHARBONE continues their climb in 2024 to the top of the North American green hydrogen market, confirmed by their recent independent US$60.8 million valuation.

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Having just reaffirmed priority launch plans to scale and deliver green hydrogen production facilities in both the US and Canada during the second half of 2024, CHARBONE would like to advise you that they have now engaged the services of an independent valuation and financial due diligence advisory firm to determine the company’s current fair market value.

The independent business valuation was completed utilizing four methodologies with associated weighted values, including market capitalization/capital investments made (45%), book value (45%), market comparisons to similar companies operating in the green hydrogen production environment including Hydrogen De France, Monarch Energy, and Lhyfe, (7%) and discounted cash flow with a net present and terminal value (3%).

“This US$60.8 million valuation showcases the remarkable growth potential of CHARBONE’s current business and project interests in the Montreal and Detroit areas, as well as our ability to forge strong business and financial partnerships,” said Dave Gagnon, CEO of CHARBONE. “We’ve worked hard to create lasting relationships with government and industry partners to secure our current plant optimization plans in 2024. We feel incredibly confident in our long-term vision and prospects for investor success.”

CHARBONE Advances 2024 Plans for North American Green Hydrogen Production Facilities Rollout

CHARBONE wants you to know that they are now focused on delivering a near-term network of modular green hydrogen production facilities across North America. The company has established a decentralized, energy-opportunistic approach to green hydrogen production using grid-connected renewable energy sources to produce green (H2) dihydrogen molecules and eco-friendly energy solutions for industrial, institutional, commercial and future mobility users.

Located near Montreal, Quebec, its new Sorel-Tracy Green Hydrogen Project will serve as the company’s flagship facility, giving CHARBONE a first-mover advantage with production starting later this year. Additionally, a second green hydrogen production project in the Detroit, Michigan area is also scheduled to be operational later this year.

CHARBONE is pleased to share with you that, in total, they plan to build and deliver 16 green hydrogen production facilities across North America by 2030.

CHARBONE Establishes Their Place As Sustainable Energy Leaders

CHARBONE is pleased to be establishing their place as a leader in the field, as interest in sustainable energy solutions continues to propel the green hydrogen market into the investor spotlight.

If you are interested in investing in their work, projections from industry analysts such as Precedence Research indicate that the market will reach $US89.2 billion by 2030, and interest and investment are surging. They are confident that CHARBONE’s valuation results indicate a robust and economically compelling business model with solid performance potential, and they encourage your inquiry.

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