Toronto Home Waterproofing Solution: Try This Polymer Coating For Basement

May 16, 2024

Protect your most important investment — your home — by coating its vital structural elements with some of Edco Technologies’ Ectoflex 647 waterproofing solution.

In most contexts, water is a great thing to have nearby, but when it gets into your home and starts to spread it can really wreak some havoc. This is why you need to protect your home with Edco TechnologiesEctoflex 647 waterproofing solution! This affordable cement polymer is designed to prevent water and salt from penetrating your home's foundation, substrate, and other structural features. Originally formulated over 25 years ago, the product has been used in several high-profile projects including Confederation Bridge, which connects Prince Edward Island with New Brunswick.

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Why Do I Need To Waterproof My Home?

Many homes, condos, and apartments are built without any waterproofing applied to their key structural elements. While this doesn’t make a huge difference in places with warmer climates, it poses significant risks in cities like Toronto, where heavy rainfall and rapid snowmelt are commonplace. Edco Technologies’ Ectoflex 647 waterproofing solution is a simple yet effective way of mitigating these risks.

“Waterproofing is more than just a preventative measure; it's a necessity for homeowners,” explained a spokesperson for the company. “Failing to waterproof your home can result in significant damage and financial losses.”

Can I Apply The Ectoflex 647 Solution Myself?

Edco Technologies has developed its Ectoflex 647 solution with ease of application in mind. It comes with an A (wet) and B (dry) component that need to be mixed together in order to activate their ingredients. Once mixed, the solution can be applied to virtually any surface with either a brush or a roller.

With that being said, if you don't feel comfortable mixing and applying the solution yourself, or if the space you need to cover is just too big for you to do alone, Edco Technologies is more than willing to help you out. They'll send some technicians to lend you a hand. They also have access to equipment that can make the job a lot easier to complete.

What Can I Use The Ectoflex 647 Solution On?

The Ectoflex 647 solution can be used to waterproof a wide range of structural features, from basements and stairs to verandas and retaining walls. It’s also an effective way to seal cracks that are prone to leaks and seepage.

"I am incredibly impressed with Edco Technologies' Ectoflex 647 waterproofing solution,” said a satisfied customer. “After applying it to my basement walls, I've noticed a significant improvement in moisture control, with no signs of leaks or dampness even during heavy rainstorms. The ease of application and long-lasting effectiveness of Ectoflex 647 have exceeded my expectations, and I highly recommend it to anyone in need of a reliable waterproofing solution."

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