West Village Best French Vegan Restaurant: Cozy & Romantic Venue For Dinner Date

Aug 3, 2023

Get your bon appétits at Délice & Sarrasin Restaurant (212-243-7200)! They serve 100% plant-based dishes inspired by the French kitchen, so you can enjoy old favorites like crepes, foie gras, and escargots with a clean conscience.

Whether you became vegan for the planet, your health, or for animal welfare, you can probably agree on missing out on some cuisine. And although the vegan meat substitute market is booming, some flavors are hard to replicate, like the French kitchen. But did you know you can get your fix of France-tastic 100% vegan eats right in West Village?

Welcome to the exciting culinary world of Délice & Sarrasin, where plant-based, French-inspired gastronomy meets hip location. In early June, the popular vegan restaurant reopened at its new location in this charming corner of Greenwich Village, right next to Soho. Known for its artful mastery of vegan French cuisine, Délice & Sarrasin now invites you to visit their newly relocated quaint venue on West Houston Street.

Getting hungry? Make a reservation at: https://delicesarrasin.com/

At Délice & Sarrasin, every day is a vegan feast from 11 am to 11 pm, spanning brunch, lunch, and dinner. Their unique approach to French cuisine transforms every dining experience into a compassionate, guilt-free delight. The magic lies in their reinvention of traditional French dishes that are usually heavy in meats and dairy into fully plant-based delicacies.

Take, for instance, the imaginative starter Escargot Beurre Maître D'Hôtel. This vegan snail dish trades the conventional gastropod for oyster mushrooms bathed in coconut-based garlic butter that's just as indulgent. Another signature appetizer is their vegan foie gras—a savory indulgence often criticized for its controversial production process. Délice & Sarrasin serves up a cruelty-free version, crafted with tahini and served with a sweet fig jam and hearty levain bread, embodying the spirit of ethical indulgence.

Head Chef Yvette is at the heart of Délice & Sarrasin's inventive vegan cuisine, crafting each recipe to retain the taste, texture, and presentation reminiscent of classic French dishes. The dedication to authenticity is palpable in every bite, from the brie made from macadamia nuts to a cashew-based cheese plate to other meat substitutes like seitan, pea, and seaweed fiber.

Their menu also extends to green takes on quintessential French dishes like galettes, coq au vin, steak tartare, and bœuf bourguignon. To round out your dining experience, you can indulge in decadent desserts, including crepes and crème brûlée. Catering to a broad spectrum of dietary needs, many of their recipes are gluten and soy-free.

Behind this culinary gem is the family trio, Christophe Caron, and his parents, Patrick and Yvette. Aside from delighting the West Village diners, Délice & Sarrasin also offers pick-up, delivery for events, and full-service catering.

Délice & Sarrasin is not just for the dedicated vegans. It's a place that warmly welcomes curious foodies and those seeking a compassionate take on classic French flavors. So, if you're ready to embark on a journey of vegan French cuisine that holds taste, tradition, and compassion at its core, Délice & Sarrasin awaits.

Check out the full menu and book a table at: https://delicesarrasin.com/

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