Send Out Cards Challenge: Give Heartfelt Messages & Prompts To Friends & Family

May 11, 2024

Want to spread joy and happiness to those you love the most? Then take part in Ann Arbor Send Out Cards’ popular 10 Card Challenge!

To paraphrase Rod Stewart, "Have [you] told [someone] lately that [you] love [them]?" If you haven't, then you should sign up for the 10 Card Challenge! The challenge is a collaboration between Ann Arbor Send Out Cards and Promptings, a company concerned with improving human interactions and connections. Participants in the challenge are asked to send 10 heartfelt greeting cards to 10 important people in their lives over a 20-day period.

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Greeting Cards: Old Fashioned But Still Effective

Despite most communication being done through digital channels nowadays, greeting cards continue to be an effective way for humans to share their thoughts, feelings, and emotions. “What makes greeting cards great is that they are tangible, thoughtful, and personal,” explains Kody Bateman, founder of Promptings and creator of the 10 Card Challenge. “Without fail, they invoke joy and surprise in everyone who receives them.”

The 10 Card Challenge

Ann Arbor Send Out Cards has simplified the process of participating in the 10 Card Challenge. All you have to do is sign up for the challenge on the Promptings website, purchase 10 greeting cards, inscribe them with personal messages, and mail them out.

To make participation even easier, Ann Arbor Send Out Cards includes all the necessary postage you need to send your cards anywhere in the world. They also have a wide range of professionally designed cards for you to choose from, including cards for birthdays, anniversaries, and graduations.

The Objective

The three main goals of the 10 Card Challenge are:

1) To create lasting memories amongst friends and families.

2) To deepen the relationships between people.

3) To uplift and inspire people to share their feelings.

Of course, the benefits that the 10 Card Challenge provides don't stop there! As Ann Arbor Send Out Cards points out, "It's not just a challenge — it's a life-changing experience for everyone involved."

The Cost

The cost to participate in the challenge is $20, and once signed up, you have 20 days to send out your greeting cards. If you're not ready to participate in the full challenge, Ann Arbor Send Out Cards allows you to send out one card free of charge just to see how it works.

“Whether you want to tell a loved one how much they mean to you or congratulate a work colleague on a promotion, greeting cards are a great way to do it,” says Bateman. “By participating in our 10 Card Challenge, you’ll have the power to change 11 lives for the better, including your own. Join today and watch the magic unfold.”

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