Website Speed Guaranteed Service

Jul 27, 2021

Website Speed Guarantee Service Now Offered

Recently, Digital Marketing Blueprint announced a new guarantee for WordPress speed optimization. Now clients can drastically improve their WordPress website’s load speed, getting it to load in as little as under three seconds. Digital Marketing Blueprint specializes in performance optimization and speed, offering guaranteed results.

These days, WordPress pages power more than 35% of the web, meaning many sites are built using WordPress. However, they can quickly and easily become sluggish. But Digital Marketing Blueprint offers an easy solution with their speed optimization services. This is because they boast more than 15 years of in-depth experience in webpage speed optimization. They also offer a guarantee of a 90+ score in Google Page Speed Insight and there will be no break in the functionality and design of clients’ WordPress sites.

When using Digital Marketing Blueprint’s WordPress speed optimization services, clients are guaranteed a detailed SEO audit report, a core web vitals assessment, and a minimum A grade with all web vitals green on GT Metrix. Additionally, clients will receive a guaranteed minimum of 85+ on both Google’s Desktop Speed Test and Mobile Speed Test.

Digital Marketing Blueprint accomplishes all of these deliverables by performing a variety of speed optimization tasks. First, they optimize all of the images on a website to ensure they are the best resolution and size and do not hamper the visual quality of the overall website design. They also utilize Gzip compression to reduce the overall size of a website and its various elements to make it run more smoothly. To reduce server response time if a hosting service is inefficient, Digital Marketing Blueprint moves their client’s websites to their managed WordPress hosting environment for free.

In addition to the things mentioned above, Digital Marketing Blueprint goes deep into the mechanics of a website to optimize it for the best results by minifying JavaScript and CSS. They’ll also thoroughly examine every page on a website and take a look at its coding to reduce any blank spaces, unused/duplicate scripts, and unnecessary characters. By using DNS-level firewall solutions, they’ll identify genuine web traffic in contrast to bad requests to reduce the load on WordPress’s hosting server.

Lastly, but certainly not least, Digital Marketing Blueprint leverages browser caching to ensure all of a website’s pages load quickly by saving a cached copy of the webpage in the user’s browser, as well as setting up a content delivery network (CDN). This CDN makes it easier on websites with a large number of daily visitors or ones that have a lot of media on them.

White Label SEO Solutions for Further Speed

In addition to the expansive services mentioned above, Digital Marketing Blueprint also specializes in white label SEO solutions that are efficient and effective. Their SEO experts take a look at the bigger picture and concentrate on growth, implementing effective campaigns that include everything from initial SEO audits to reporting, analysis, and content creation.

Digital Marketing Blueprint’s full-service white label SEO solutions are designed for local, national, eCommerce, and enterprise SEO clients. There are a variety of advantages to outsourcing SEO solutions, such as being provided access to a platform specifically geared toward driving targeted traffic to client websites. With full-service white label SEO solutions, clients offering digital marketing services will receive thorough website audits to provide to their customers that include rankability checks of customer websites, identifying opportunities for improvement, and providing keyword recommendations to move up in the rankings.

Additionally, the full-service white label SEO solutions from Digital Marketing Blueprint also provide comprehensive keyword recommendations based on thorough analysis to attract more traffic, as well as complete on-page optimization services. They’ll also create more content and organic links to drive traffic and ensure as much quality content as possible is published on high-quality sites.

Digital Marketing Blueprint boasts extensive SEO expertise, helping clients using their white-label services create a digital extension of their business, providing access to a team of project managers, developers, graphic designers, content creators, and SEO specialists. This enables their clients to focus on acquiring new customers and managing their current ones, while Digital Marketing Blueprint takes care of the rest. They assist with everything from creating client proposals and conducting website audits to organic link acquisition.

To ensure a seamless SEO client migration process, Digital Marketing Blueprint performs a client intake assessment, gathering every detail related to customer campaigns, from important timelines to SEO reports. Additionally, for each project, there’s an in-depth onboarding process to enable them to easily integrate customer details into their specialized dashboard. All of their client’s campaign goals are taken into consideration for a seamless integration of their services, in addition to providing better booking solutions that will fall into line with clients’ profit margins.

About Digital Marketing Blueprint

Digital Marketing Blueprint is a trusted digital marketing services provider for more than 500 agencies, offering full-service, white-labeled solutions. In addition to creating successful campaigns in the B2B and B2C verticals, all of their services come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. To date, their digital marketing campaigns have generated more than $7 billion in sales for their clients.

They’re committed to increasing revenue by reducing overheads, enabling clients to outsource their digital marketing services while focusing on their core business services. All those who work with Digital Marketing Blueprint receive access to more than 1,000 case studies spanning more than 80 industry verticals.

For more about Digital Marketing Blueprint, contact them online today or visit

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