Want To Connect Your Android 8 Phone To Android Auto? Get This Wireless Dongle

May 30, 2023

Still using an Android 8 phone or older? Carsifi has a companion app for its WiFi dongle so you, too, can use it!

FYI: You can turn your older vehicle into a smart car. That’s because Carsifi has a companion app that lets you use its Android Auto wireless adapter with Android 8 or earlier.

The result? You can seamlessly pair your smartphone to your entertainment system. CEO Ihor Martsekha reiterates that the device works out of the box for those with the latest Android operating system.

Learn more by visiting https://carsifi.com/

Though you may wish to utilize Android Auto, your vehicle may not have built-in WiFi, meaning you must plug in your phone with cables. Carsifi allows you to bypass this issue without having to replace your entertainment system, which can cost thousands of dollars.

Martsekha adds: “We understand that older vehicles are at a disadvantage when it comes to using Android Auto. As such, we enhanced our app so that even more motorists can benefit from this convenient platform. Now, even those with Android 6 to 8 can link their phones to Carsifi.”

The updated app features improved connectivity and enhanced stability, providing you with a user-friendly experience. You simply need to open the app and connect your handset via Bluetooth; Carsifi will then automatically establish the connection each time you board your vehicle.

Furthermore, the dongle can save multiple user profiles, so you do not need to purchase a separate device for each of your cars. You simply need to press a single button and Carsifi will cycle through the various profiles on its system.

Despite the wireless connection, there is no lag between your phone and your dashboard. Hence, all notifications - such as calls and messages - will be displayed on the entertainment system simultaneously.

Added safety is another key benefit of Carsifi, notes Martsekha. Since the dongle enables you to launch apps using voice commands, you don’t have to take your hands off the wheel. This reduces distractions on the road, which experts cite as the leading cause of vehicular mishaps.


Carsifi is a leading provider of wireless Android Auto dongles, offering a seamless and convenient way for you to stay connected while on the road. The company's mission is to provide innovative solutions for car owners, regardless of their car's make or model.

You deserve to experience the convenience of Android Auto. So don’t delay - order the dongle and download the companion app today!

Further information about the company and its flagship product is available at https://carsifi.com/

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