Visit Galapagos Islands & Explore Rare Wildlife: Check Out This 11-Day Itinerary

Mar 25, 2024

Want to tick off the Galapagos Islands from your bucket list but not sure how to plan your trip? Ever Wonder Adventure travel guide for you with a fun eco-tourism itinerary!

Plan Your Eco-Tour of the Galapagos Islands

If you're a biology nerd or simply appreciate nature and all its wonders, the Galapagos Islands are probably already on your must-visit list. But how do you make your trip into a great experience while still being a responsible tourist? Ever Wonder Adventure will guide you into how to visit this evolutionary gem in the Ecuadorian archipelago like an eco-boss!

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Ever Wonder Adventure is a great online resource for you if you love to travel responsibly to eco-tourist destinations across the globe. The latest guide suggests a luxurious travel route filled with adventures and once-in-a-lifetime nature experiences that will leave you in awe of life's adaptation and resilience.

Walk In Darwin's Footsteps

Known as the birthplace of modern biology after Charles Darwin discovered it in 1835 and built his theory of natural selection around wildlife, the Galapagos Islands are a bucket list destination for many fantasts of evolution and nature. With the new travel guide, Ever Wonder Adventure wants to help you visit this unique place without disturbing the delicate ecosystem.

"In a world where wild and untouched places are getting rare, the Galapagos is a breath of fresh air. Think rugged, volcanic landscapes, pristine beaches, and an underwater world that's just bursting with color. It's nature in its purest form, and it's all waiting for you," a spokesperson for the company said.

11 Days of Ecuadorian Culture and Galapagos Beauty

Ever Wonder Adventure's guide suggests an 11-day itinerary starting in Quito, Ecuador, to experience the culture and food before setting off to the Galapagos Islands. For the first days, the guide recommends staying at Galápagos Safari Camp to stargaze and view the rare wildlife in the area eco-consciously. For the last few days, you should treat yourself to a luxurious end to your trip and stay at Pikaia Lodge, a resort with adventurous activities like sea lion snorkeling and educational private yacht tours.

Support Conservation and Eco Travel Guides

To support the conservation of the Galapagos Islands, Ever Wonder Adventure has designed a collection of merch, giving part of the profit to preservation projects. You can find items like T-shirts and tote bags to keep the online resource's efforts for sustainable travel going. Some previous destinations Ever Wonder Adventure has covered are the Philippines archipelago, Northern Thailand river tours, and Costa Rican eco-adventures.

"This trip is more than just a holiday; it's a journey through Ecuador's heart and soul, from Quito's cultural treasures to the wild beauty of the Galapagos. Every day is a new chapter in this unforgettable adventure," the company spokesperson said.

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