Visit Best Kids Salon In Highlands Ranch, Littleton For Special Needs Children

Sep 30, 2023

Littleton/Highland Ranch, CO – Cookie Cutters Haircuts For Kids – (303) 501 4698 welcomes all children to its salon! The stylists are trained to accommodate kids with special needs and autism, making sure they feel safe and comfortable during their haircuts.

Every child is unique and has its own ideas about what they like and not like. But if you're the caregiver of a child with special needs, you know that certain situations, like getting a haircut, can be extremely stressful for both you and your little one. That's why Cookie Cutters Haircuts in Littleton, CO, offers a unique service designed especially for children with special needs and high-functioning autism. They believe every kid deserves to feel safe and get a haircut they feel proud of!

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Children with autism often face sensory processing difficulties, turning activities like haircuts into stressful experiences. Bright lights, noise, and the touch of scissors and clippers can be too overwhelming for them to bear with. Being aware of this, Cookie Cutters Haircuts has embraced sensory-friendly tools and techniques to make the haircut experience comfortable and enjoyable for your child with special needs.

A common misconception is that restless or anxious children can receive a meticulous haircut like an adult. However, the concept at Cookie Cutters Haircuts is about building habits, adjusting expectations based on the child's behavior, and ensuring that both you and your child feel relaxed during your visit.

The salon offers a range of services, including cuts, styling, bang trims, and braidings. For children with special needs, the stylist can include a cranial or Danmar helmet for additional support during their haircut. Additionally, every station has a TV where children can watch their favorite show or play a video game. To end the visit on a positive note, your child will be given a balloon and a lollipop when they leave.

Appointments are required to ensure that your child receives individualized attention and care. Moreover, the salon specializes in haircuts only and does not offer birthday parties or nail painting events to promote a safe and calm environment. If you want to learn more about Cookie Cutters, check out

Cookie Cutters Haircut carries premium hair care products and works with a selection of natural, organic, and vegan hair care lines. Returning customers are rewarded with a loyalty program, and the salon frequently has deals, like the Special Needs Kids Package: Gentle Haircut + Sensory Playtime or parent/child haircut combo offers.

Opened in 2018, Cookie Cutters Haircuts in Littleton is part of a franchise with over 100 salons in North America and 25 years of experience in children's haircuts. The salon specifically trains its stylists to work with kids' individual needs and go out of their way to deliver a great haircut and make the little customer feel comfortable. They have even been known to give haircuts walking around in the salon to make children feel at ease.

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