Utility Bill Auditing Tool For Car Dealerships Improves Financial Sustainability

Mar 24, 2024

Get in the fast lane to big savings with Recession Resister. Their utility bill auditing platform will ensure your dealership lowers your costs and boosts your profits.

If the new year hasn’t delivered a big upswing in sales at your car dealership, Recession Resister has the cost-reducing platform you need to weather this slow season.

Start reducing your overhead costs and bills today at https://recessionresister.com/

Improve Your Financial Sustainability

The team of financial sustainability advisors behind Recession Resister appreciates that the vast, brightly lit showrooms of car dealerships come at a cost and that with the price of energy increasingly high, your dealership is probably looking to make savings.

That’s why their utility bill auditing platform is the perfect choice for you, because it has been designed specifically to bring down the cost of your overheads, like energy.  

If your dealership is also feeling the squeeze of the cost-of-living crisis—which is putting downward pressure on discretionary spending like new car purchases—the team at Recession Resister can help you become leaner and more financially sustainable. 

Cut Your Energy Costs

Their team will firstly focus on your energy bills and offer both their expert bill negotiation services and their annual energy auto-switching service, which will allow your dealership to continuously access the best available rates. 

The expense management firm is also partnered with several smart technology providers and can provide you with energy-efficient devices like HVAC systems that can cut electricity costs by 15-30%. 

Reduce Bills, Utilities & Merchant Fees

Beyond energy, Recession Resister’s team will also renegotiate all of your other major bills and expenses. This includes:

  • gas, 
  • water, 
  • waste management, 
  • pest control, 
  • security, 
  • payroll, 
  • telecommunications, and more.

They will also audit previous bills looking for any mistakes or overcharges that have resulted in your dealership paying more than you should. 

As a spokesperson for the expense managers said, “On average, 80% of companies are overcharged on utility expenses, and you have a right to get that money back. We’ll audit years’ worth of bills for you, finding overcharges, eliminating mistakes and obtaining refunds for you when possible. If we don’t find you any refunds or reduction opportunities, you don’t pay us a thing. Whatever we find, we split 50/50.” 

Because cars, especially new cars, are a big-ticket item, Recession Resister will also implement their merchant fee processing services, which will eliminate hefty credit card and bank fees for your dealership. 

Recession Resister, The Utility Bill Auditing Platform You Need

Recession Resister is a trusted and fast-growing bill-saving partner for businesses across America. With their no-save, no-pay business model, they are confident they can offer you a risk-free, quick and direct way to reduce your operating costs.

Recession Resister is here to help your business shift financial gears. Go to https://recessionresister.com/ if you’re ready to start saving. 

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