Utility Bill Auditing & Negotiation Expert For Law Firms Reduces Overheads

Mar 13, 2024

With Recession Resistor, you can dramatically cut down on monthly expenses for your law firm – outsourcing bill negotiation for all your utility and service fees.

As a lawyer, you don't have time to think about how much you're spending on your monthly energy or utility bills. But Recession Resistor does – and they can manage bill negotiation for you, so you can save on all your recurring payments without having to lift a finger!

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Save on all your monthly contracts

The service spans phone, cable, internet, satellite, and security deals, and there is no upfront cost. You upload copies of your bills and contracts to the Recession Resistor platform, and the company's team of analysts then contacts the service providers directly and negotiates better rates and terms on your behalf.

Recession Resistor charges you 50% of the savings achieved each month, or you can pay a portion of expected savings upfront in exchange for a discounted rate - meaning Recession Resistor only earns when it delivers meaningful cost reductions to you.

Get money back quickly

“Your bill should typically be negotiated within a week of uploading it,” a spokesperson for the company explains. “Savings typically go into effect on your next billing cycle. You will be provided with an online account to track the status of each bill you send us and we will keep you informed every step of the way.”

The company claims that 80% of businesses are overcharged for utilities due to complex regulations and mistakes by providers. Recession Resistor's team audits utility bills going back several years to identify refund opportunities and uses proprietary data to eliminate mistakes.

Fully managed energy switching

If you're in a deregulated energy market, Recession Resistor can also help with switching electricity providers to secure lower rates. The company works with HVAC contractors to install a special energy optimization system called IntelliHVAC which can significantly reduce HVAC energy usage for heating and cooling.

The spokesperson adds: “Most business owners don’t know they are being overcharged. Chances are your monthly costs for services have increased consistently over time without you noticing, or they include hidden fees, old charges that should have disappeared, or some other ‘gotcha’ that you may not even know about. We evaluate this for you.”

When was the last time you thought about how much you’re paying for your business every month?

Check out https://recessionresister.com/ to save big on your monthly contracts!

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