US Eco-Friendly Direct Thermal Labels Reduces Prepared Food Packaging Waste

May 24, 2024

Sustainable labeling doesn’t have to be a compromise on design or durability! With ID Images’ eco-friendly material options for direct thermal labels, your product will become the obvious choice for eco-conscious customers!

Functional and Sustainable Direct Thermal Labels

By now, you've probably noticed that sustainability isn't a fad. In fact, people are actually willing to pay more for a product packaged in a responsibly sourced material. And with ID Image's eco-friendly material options for direct thermal labels, you can make sure your prepared food packaging is on par with what consumers are looking for.

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ID Image provides North American companies with direct thermal label solutions that can be recycled without compromising on FDA compliance and durability. 

Order or Customize Labels for Prepared Food Packaging

ID Images is a label manufacturer that has both stock and custom options for a range of industries. Food packaging businesses can request options like freezer-grade adhesive and special-made sizes and shapes.

"Our high-quality food and beverage labels are optimized for durability so consumers can enjoy a dependable product that starts with its packaging. While many consumable goods are made in packages meant to be recycled, they still need labels that can withstand the rigors of packaging, shipping, and shelving." a spokesperson for the company said.

Why Sustainable Labels Matter for Your Business

Sustainability is becoming increasingly important to consumers, with a McKinsey study revealing that almost 80% of consumers said that sustainable packaging had a positive impact on their purchase decisions. While many businesses may worry about the cost of getting eco-friendly packaging, another report from McKinsey found that sustainable products are so popular that they had 2.7 times faster growth than traditional goods despite the additional cost.

Reduce Waste With Linerless Labels

ID Images has a range of personalization options, including ink and color. If you want to reduce your waste, you can discuss the possibility of integrating linerless labels with direct thermal top-coated face stock and pressure-sensitive adhesive. This solution lowers landfill waste by 40% per roll.

Versatile Solution for the Whole Food Industry

The direct thermal labels can be used for product labels, expiration dates, and nutritional information and are commonly used in businesses like grocery stores and restaurants. ID Images labels provide clear text and durable results, whether you're printing a barcode, simple text, or your logo.

About ID Images

ID Images was founded almost 30 years ago and has its base in Ohio. The company currently has 16 facilities spread out across the US and Canada. More than direct thermal labels, the company offers a wide range of label solutions, including RFIDs, inkjet media, and thermal transfer.

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