Why Direct Thermal Label Printing Is A Cost-Effective Option For Logistics Firms

Jun 3, 2024

Direct thermal labels are a must-have for any logistics company. If you run one, learn about how they can help you optimize your operations in ID Images’ latest guide!

Getting the right kind of labels for all the packaging, shipping, and inventory management you have to do is important, especially when it comes to logistics. If you want the best of everything, direct thermal labels are the way to go! They’re cost-effective and durable, and you can make a lot of them in a short time! And that’s not all there is to them. If you want to learn more about why you should make the switch, check out ID Images’ comprehensive guide to direct thermal labels!

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Increasing Market Demand for Thermal Printing

The cost-effectiveness of thermal printing has led to increased demand for the method, particularly for the healthcare, retail, transportation, and logistics industries. One 2020 report by Markets and Markets projected that the thermal printing market will grow from 43.2 billion USD to 53.5 billion USD by 2025, reflecting its heightening popularity. 

How Direct Thermal Streamlines Logistics Processes

There are good reasons behind that, too. Direct thermal labels, which are produced via thermal printing technology, differ from standard labels in that they are made from heat-sensitive paper. ID Images explains that when this paper is passed under a thermal print head, specific areas blacken to form barcodes, text, and graphics. Because neither ink, toner, nor ribbons are needed during the process, this technology presents logistics companies with a more efficient and affordable way to produce labels for tracking and inventory management.

There are other advantages to direct thermal labels that make them well-suited to logistics. Firstly, they can be printed in high volumes at shorter intervals, and they can be applied immediately after printing, drastically reducing processing times. Thermal printing technology also allows for high-resolution prints, ensuring barcodes and text can be scanned with greater accuracy and reducing the chances of errors. 

Basically, you get higher quantities of labels at faster turnaround times, all without sacrificing quality! Do you see why they’re so great for an industry as demanding as logistics?

Usable In Most Environments

Furthermore, modern direct thermal labels are designed to resist fading, moisture, and abrasion, allowing them to withstand rough handling and a variety of harsh environments. Because of these unique characteristics, ID Images says they are ideal for warehousing, shipping and receiving, last-mile delivery services, and cold chain logistics. 

However, the company also notes that long-term exposure to excessive heat or light can cause direct thermal labels to fade. While care should be taken when using them in such environments, ID Images says that you can avoid damage with the appropriate label materials and protective overlays. If you’re looking for such options but don’t know where to start, you can speak to one of ID Images’ label experts. They’ll answer all your questions and give you the best product recommendations!

Of course, ID Images itself also sells direct thermal labels, and at some of the best prices to boot! If you need some for your business, definitely get in contact with them!

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