Kelowna Natural Fescue Fake Grass: Get Professionally Installed Synthetic Turf

Jun 17, 2024

Whether you need a small patch of artificial turf for your yard or enough to build an entire soccer field, Lazy Lawn (1-888-622-5296) in Kelowna, BC has the fake grass installation options you’re looking for!

You might think it's a breeze to install maintenance-free artificial turf yourself, but sometimes even the handiest of people need help from the experts! Lazy Lawn in Kelowna gives you the option of installing your turf yourself or having it professionally installed by the company’s experienced contractors. Currently, the company offers four different types of fake grass, all of which are available for purchase by the square foot.

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Easy Installation

If you decide to go the DIY route, Lazy Lawn supplies you with your selected turf, all the necessary materials and equipment, and a detailed instruction manual. Conversely, for professional installations, their contractors do all the work for you, including excavation and disposal of any existing grass or concrete.

“The installation option that you choose will likely depend upon how small or big your project is,” explained a spokesperson for Lazy Lawn. “If it's a simple, more compact project you can probably do it on your own, but if it's a bigger, more complex project it may require the expertise and acumen of our team.”

Great Turfs To Choose From

You have a choice between Lazy Lawn’s Kentucky Blue Lite, Lemongrass, Natural Fescue, and Spring Fescue varieties. The turfs each have their own distinct colour, thatch, blade shape, pile height, and face weight, and range in price from $4.29 per square foot to $5.89 per square foot.

To ensure optimal performance and drainage, Lazy Lawn reinforces every turf with a high-density weed barrier, high-performance bedding, and a 1” rubber base system for enhanced safety. They also use OptiFILL Artificial Infill on the turf, which is a sustainable, non-toxic, odour-resistant infill with antimicrobial properties.

Flexible & Beneficial

Lazy Lawn’s fake grasses can be installed in both residential and commercial settings. They are most commonly used for lawns, landscapes, playgrounds, terraces, and pet play areas; however, they are cropping up more and more in sports venues, music festivals, and retail establishments.

Fake grasses offer numerous benefits to both homeowners and businesses. They require minimal maintenance, eliminating the need for mowing, watering, and fertilizing, and thus saving you a lot of time, effort, and money. Additionally, they stay lush and green all year round, providing consistently beautiful landscapes without the seasonal fluctuations of natural grass. They're also durable and can withstand heavy foot traffic, making them ideal choices for high-traffic areas or areas with difficult growing conditions.

“Lazy Lawn exceeded our expectations with the Spring Fescue pet play area they recently installed on our property,” said a satisfied client. “Our dogs love the soft, durable surface, and it's been a breeze to maintain. We're incredibly happy with the quality and service provided by the Lazy Lawn team.”

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