Canada Custom Direct Thermal Labels for Logistics: Print High-Quality Barcodes

May 30, 2024

Get the toughest direct thermal labels for your logistics project from ID Images (877-556-4318)! They’ll help you customize the right solution for your needs, with options like recyclable material and freezer-grade adhesive.

Durable Direct Thermal Labels for Logistics

If you're in logistics, you probably understand the value of a durable label that will last from departure to delivery. And so do ID Images! This North American label manufacturer offers direct thermal labels suitable for logistic and transport industries in need of a durable labeling solution for barcodes and other packaging identification information.

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Five Canadian Locations

With five locations in Canada, spanning from L'Ange-Gardien in the east to Vancouver in the west, ID Images offers quick shipping to businesses across the whole country. The label manufacturer specializes in custom solutions, providing you with direct thermal labels that suit your individual needs.

"The ability to customize labels with important information such as barcodes, tracking numbers, and specific instructions improves workflow efficiency across the board," a spokesperson for the company said. "Not only do these labels help streamline operations, but they also enhance the overall business image by providing a polished and organized appearance."

Direct Thermal Labels- An Increasingly Popular Solution

Direct thermal labels offer benefits such as cost-efficiency and hard-wearing features that are optimal for logistics. As the process only requires the right type of printer to produce enough heat, direct thermal labels don't use any ink, ribbon, or toner, making them low maintenance. Thanks to these advantages, the thermal printing market is predicted to have a CAGR of 4,4% between 2020 and 2025, growing from $43.2 billion to $53.5 billion.

Customizable Options

ID Images offers a range of customizable options depending on the intended use, length of transportation, and environment. For example, the manufacturer has recyclable materials available if you want to improve the sustainability of your labeling. If you're in need of tough labels, you can opt for synthetic materials for a moisture and abrasion-resistant solution.

Additionally, the direct thermal labels can also be ordered with different types of adhesive: removable, permanent, and freezer-grade, suitable for various products. You can also choose between different inks and toners, and sizes and shapes.

"With ID Images, you get the assurance of a product that won't let you down, whether it's for high-volume shipping needs or precise barcode printing for inventory management," the company spokesperson said.

About ID Images

ID Images was founded in 1995 and has its headquarters in Brunswick, OH. The manufacturer currently has 119 converting lines and 16 locations spread out over North America.

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