Upper East Side, NY Bulk-Buy Deals On Rhodium-Coated Dental Diagnostic Mirrors

Apr 15, 2024

Want to give your dental patients the highest levels of care while still playing your part in caring for the planet? For sustainable dental goods with fast delivery and bulk-buy discounts, choose SurgiMac!

Does a bad dentist blame his tools?

When you shop for dental instruments at SurgiMac, you don't need to worry about the quality of your essential accessories. The company serves clinics in New York's Upper East Side with prompt delivery and discounted products. More details at https://surgimac.com/collections/dental-supplies-equipment

Check out their extensive selection of high-quality dental instruments! The range includes diagnostic tools, surgical instruments, and implements for extractions, orthodontic procedures, and knives and scalpels. With a mix of products from established brands like Parkell, Palmero, and Young Dental, as well as SurgiMac's signature range, you can find tools for every application and budget.


Enjoy products crafted with sustainability and durability in mind. SurgiMac understands the challenges of delivering reliable medical and dental services along with the need for dependable and fast delivery times. Same-day dispatch is available on all orders but you also have the option to pick up your products from the company's Manhattan warehouse.

Diagnostic Mirrors

One of the latest additions, SurgiMac's Stainless Steel Cone Socket Oral Mirror comes with a Rhodium coating for optimal reflective performance – more effective than steel or chromium for diagnostic purposes. The mirrors give you sharp, clear, and distortion-free images even in the tightest corners of the mouth. Soft tissue procedures and other intraoral tasks are made easier with this type of accessory with the corrosion and tarnish-proof handle and a fog-resistant reflective surface adding another layer of user-friendly performance.


Other products in the updated collection include Forceps for first and second upper molars, lower molars, lower cuspids, bicuspids, and lower incisors. You can also shop for restorative dental instruments such as explorer probes, anterior crown removers, crown spreaders, and amalgam pluggers and condensers.

Keep It Clean

Why not complement these with cleaning solutions and detergents for safe and compliant dental procedures? Brands carried by the store include SPS Medical Supply, Micro Scientific Industries, Metrex, and Midmark.

Essential Accessories

Instrument trays by Dukal – both flat and perforated insert types – are also available as well as aspirating syringes, serrated bone packers, and bone chisels from SurgiMac's proprietary range.

A spokesperson says, “At SurgiMac, we have access to over 2.5 million medical product SKUs. If there is a product you’re interested in, but cannot find it online, please reach out to our sales team. SurgiMac is an environmentally responsible manufacturer and distributor of top quality medical and dental products.”

Welcome to the ultimate one-stop shop for all your dental products! SurgiMac has got your back!

For more info, go to https://surgimac.com/

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