Upgrade Your Fashion and Support Local Art With the Rancho Relaxo Online Store

Feb 24, 2021

If you’re looking to upgrade your wardrobe and support local artisans, now’s a good time to check out Rancho Relaxo, a Rancho Mirage fashion outlet, jewelry seller and clothing and apparel merchant.

Never before has supporting local craftspeople and artisans been so important. Upgrade your style and give creators the exposure they deserve with the new Rancho Relaxo online shopping store! 

Rancho Relaxo, a fashion outlet based in Rancho Mirage, California, announced that it has updated its e-commerce website. The new-and-improved site went live recently. 

Visit https://ranchorelaxoca.com for more information.

The latest announcement aims to provide a new and improved online shopping experience for all customers, even if you don’t live in California. 

The company offers various retail items, ranging from men’s and women’s apparel to skincare and garden decorations. You will find higher-end products and can also make use of Rancho Relaxo’s budget-friendly options. The major US credit cards are accepted, while you can also pay with gift cards if you would prefer. 

Rancho Relaxo mainly sells items made by local artists and craftspeople in California. There is a dedicated section on the website for this, with items from dresses to jewelry and hand sanitizer available. 

Besides clothing and apparel, you’ll also find various other products on the Rancho Relaxo website. Customers can use the website to buy bedroom items like pillows and towels and accessories like hats and scarves. Website visitors can also find sunglasses, reading glasses, and face masks. 

If you’re looking to buy a gift for others, you’re in luck. Rancho Relaxo sells stuffed animals, books, puzzles, and other games. So, whether you’re looking for a gift for someone’s child or your grandparents, you’ll find something to suit all ages. 

If you spend above $99 and use the code STAYSAFE, you will benefit from free shopping. You can also choose to return items that you decide you don’t want unless they are either sale items or face masks.

Rancho Relaxo’s website update forms part of the company’s commitment to supporting local creators and merchants. The company aims to promote authenticity as much as possible and encourage others to be themselves too.

Don’t worry about a lack of choice. Rancho Relaxo works with hundreds of local brands, each adding their unique flair and take on fashion. You will find items that match your personality and show off what you stand for too. 

Rancho Relaxo was founded in 2019 by Stella Adena. She made a career change into fashion and worked for major brands like Liz Claiborne and Ralph Lauren. The company has a land-based presence in Rancho Mirage, not far from Palm Springs. Rancho Relaxo has developed a reputation for high-quality customer service and promoting authenticity. 

Commenting on the launch of the updated e-commerce site, Adena said: “Online shopping is a growing trend in the US, and for those who can’t come and visit our store in California, we wanted to find a way to provide high-quality customer service and long-lasted products. 

“Style is an expression of who you are. We believe you should have access to all your favorite brands no matter where you are. And beyond that, we also believe that craftspeople who dedicate endless time and passion into their work should be rewarded and promoted.” 

Ready for a wardrobe and home decor upgrade? Head over to https://instagram.com/ranchorelaxoca to find your inspiration! 

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