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Nov 21, 2020

Looking for some truly unique apparel or fashion? The designer collection at Rancho Relaxo, which includes handmade gifts and mid-century modern pieces, has just what you need for your loved ones at their newly launched website.

Looking for a gift that’s distinctly Palm Springs? The newly launched site for Rancho Relaxo has a stylish selection of apparel and gifts that celebrate the look of the desert, while also bringing a touch of the personal with handmade and designer crafts you can’t find anywhere else.

Rancho Mirage, CA-based boutique Rancho Relaxo has just launched its eCommerce website. This site accompanies their physical location and is intended to provide its customers with an easy way to access their artisan and unique gifts, apparel, and jewelry.

More information is available at

The newly launched website supports the brand’s “mission to inspire and delight” by making their handmade and designer gifts and apparel available online for a broader audience. This includes their line of branded Rancho Relaxo gear for men, women, and kids.

The just-launched site also aims to make it simple for supporters of the Rancho Relaxo brand to access the company’s apothecary, their curated collection of soaps, essential oils, and crystals. This section of the site is divided into crystal energy, fragrance, bath & body, essential oils, hand sanitizer, and sun.

Rancho Relaxo also expands on their product line offerings on their newly launched site with their Reworked At Rancho Relaxo initiative, which builds on the idea that clothes hold memories by allowing their customers to bring in garments like worn sweaters or a child’s first swimsuit to be remade into items like bucket hats, masks, or stuffed animals.

If you’re looking to do some redecorating at home, the new eCommerce site also aims to take inspiration from the design aesthetic of the Palm Springs area by offering home decor items, such as mid-century modern house ornaments, lamps, coasters, postcards, and puzzles.

Included in the newly launched online storefront’s offerings is a selection of accessories intended to complement a customer’s style or fashion choices. The options range from sunglasses, bags, and hats to masks, shoes, and hairpieces.

A spokesperson from Rancho Relaxo detailed the guiding philosophy for the store. “We believe style is an expression of your character and spirit. Style is the ability to make something your own by giving it your own unique twist. There is a world of possibility in how we present ourselves to the world in what we choose to wear.”

Get your loved ones some chic, mid-century modern gifts from the warm, stylish Rancho Relaxo boutique, either by visiting their storefront in Rancho Mirage or checking out their newly launched website today.

You can find out more by clicking the link above!

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