Unsold.com joins other notable industry giants and launches a membership solution,

Jul 27, 2021

Unsold.com new vision after the pandemic: building a member-based travel club that cultivates exclusive deals and engaging members to share on social media is now growing like a wildfire.

When Unsold launched in March 2020 the world was on the precipice of a global lockdown due to COVID-19. So, how is it that the company not only survived but thrived, in the midst of all the doom and gloom? It created the demand for aspirational travel. ‘When this is all over, we’re going to go on that trip to ___________that we’ve always dreamed of?’

With that in mind, the Unsold team curated 3, 5, and 7night Saver Deal packages across many ‘dreamy’ destinations like Bali, Hawaii, Paris, and Yosemite National Park for ridiculously low prices and extended the booking window to 24 months, giving wanderlust travelers something to look forward to once the world opened up.

The suppliers also widely embraced this concept because it provided a pipeline of future business to hotel partners anxious to fill their empty rooms once things returned to normal. But, despite the recent boom in Saver Deal bookings, there are still several destinations grappling with travel restrictions, which has caused an influx of calls from Saver Deal clients asking to change their original destination choice to one that’s open or more accessible. These inquiries, coupled with whispers in the industry of giants such as TripAdvisor and Expedia promoting member travel deals, became the catalyst for Unsold to make the move to a membership model; making it possible for its Saver Deal clients and other soon-to-be Unsold Members to benefit from huge savings on unsold hotel rooms across 20,000 destinations and hundreds of thousands of hotels with the flexibility to travel anytime they choose.

Anxious to capitalize on the pent-up demand and become a leader in member-based travel programs, Unsold is engaging its existing client base and extensive social media reach to get the word out, offering new members the opportunity to earn FREE trips and travel credits for referring friends and family; just one of the benefits of being an Unsold Member.

In addition to referral incentives, Unsold Membership earns travelers up to 60% off on hotel stays plus discounted airline tickets with much MORE to come and the lowest price guarantee or the membership is FREE, promise.

Unsold is poised to emerge from these challenging times stronger and wiser, and with a new mission: to procure the most expansive supply of unsold travel products available and offer them to members at deeply discounted rates so they will Save More and Travel More than through any other travel platform. Because what this past year has confirmed and what the founders already knew; is that Travel is an essential part of the human spirit and that not even a global pandemic will thwart peoples’ desire to see more of the world.

Your Unsold Membership supports sustainable tourism. For every hotel booking greater than $250 USD, Unsold plants a tree on your behalf (at no cost to you) to help offset our carbon footprint and help the planet. Start your FREE trial now!

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