Unique Cotton T-Shirts With NYC Street Art Prints: Buy Goddess Saraswati Tees

Feb 15, 2024

Looking for the best NYC graffiti art gift to inspire hip, cool, and creative people? Get this divine tee shirt featuring goddess Saraswati from Sarah James Jazz Merch.

Emblazoned on brick and concrete, it weaves tales of forgotten dreams and whispers of love, hope, defiance, and revolution. Hidden in plain sight, NYC’s street art waits for eyes to linger. Sarah James Jazz Merch takes you past the mundane, revealing the poetry in spray-painted strokes to ignite your creativity and inspire transformation. 

Take a look at the artist’s apparel collection featuring a found image of goddess Saraswati here: https://www.gearbubble.com/sarasvatilongsleevetee

Discover The Powerful Messages In NYC’s Street Art

The goddess Saraswati t-shirt is part of Sarah James Jazz Merch’s NYC graffiti art photography collection that celebrates talented street artists and the cultural diversity of Lower East Side Manhattan.

Saraswati: Unleashing Creativity & Wisdom

Revered in Hinduism and Buddhism as the goddess of wisdom, Saraswati is also the patron of the arts, music, literature, and learning. Hence, the t-shirt is the perfect gift for art and graffiti lovers and creative people for birthdays, holidays, and any occasion.

The image discovered by Sarah James depicts Saraswati in a traditional Tibetan style adorned with a crescent moon above her topknot, floral garland, and a 5-jeweled crown surrounded by a green halo. The deity holds a vina - a chordophone musical instrument symbolic of the mind and intellect. With a rainbow-colored covering on her legs, she sits upon a moon disc above a lotus throne representing compassion and spiritual enlightenment.

Premium 100% Cotton Tees

You can purchase the print on 100% cotton, Gildan-branded, long-sleeve t-shirts in a wide range of sizes. The tops feature seamless, ribbed collars and cuffs and shoulder-to-shoulder taping for a relaxed fit. The store’s color options include black, red, pink, blue, green, and purple.

Sarah James Jazz Merch’s garments are produced in partnership with print-on-demand fulfillment company GearBubble. High-quality inks and processes are used to ensure color vibrancy and fade resistance.

About Sarah James Jazz Merch

Jazz performer, poet, and visual artist Sarah James developed her NYC graffiti art fashion range after incorporating her poetry onto canvas and recycled objects. Other items from the collection that preserve street art found on buildings, telephone poles, and other unusual surfaces, include t-shirts with female empowerment messages.

“Adorned with grace and beauty, she is known as the embodiment of creativity, intellect, and the power of speech,” said Sarah James when speaking of her Saraswati t-shirt. “Artists, musicians, and performers invoke her blessing to enhance their artistic abilities, seeking her guidance in mastering their craft.”

For the best NYC graffiti art apparel you need, visit Sarah James Jazz Merch today!

To get your t-shirt now, go to https://www.sarahjames.com

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