Beautiful Winter Forest Scene Shower Curtains Created by Jazz Singer Sarah James

Mar 14, 2024

Do you want to give your bathroom a seasonal winter touch? Check out Sarah James Jazz Merch’s new line of designer shower curtains featuring original photographs of winter landscapes and Sarah James’ poetry.

Original Photography Art on Shower Curtain by Jazz Singer

Do you think the minimalistic home decor trend is for squares? Then Sarah James Jazz Merch's line of unique shower curtains is perfect for you!

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View the full selection of Sarah James Jazz Merch's new, unique photography art collection if you want an interesting shower curtain to jazz up your bathroom with! Among the designs is a photo of a snowy winter forest taken by jazz singer Sarah James.

Sarah James Jazz Merch- Where Creativity Meets Home Decor

Sarah James founded her e-commerce store, Sarah James Jazz Merch when pandemic restrictions stopped her from performing. With a long interest in photography, Sarah decided to merge her hobby with a business idea, resulting in the one-of-a-kind items available in her online shop. The latest addition is the collection of shower curtains that you also can use as a room divider, wall decoration, and more.

Snow Forest Shower Curtain for Winter Lovers

One of the seasonal-themed shower curtains features a winter scene from Hudson Valley. It also has a snippet from one of Sarah's poems celebrating nature and the winter season: "Nature knows Her Mind, She Understands the Breath of Life. She Changes Colors Every Day. She Grows New Shoots. Under the Snowy Moon, She Life Carries On…"

"This shower curtain is meant for you to get ready to hit the slopes. Perfect for your city home or your country home," Sarah said. "Perk up your bathroom seasonally; this shower curtain welcomes all winter activities and is a perfect complement to your Holidays!"

Other Shower Curtain Designs by Sarah James

Some other shower curtain designs in the shop include spring and summer-themed close-ups of flowers, landscapes, and deer running across a meadow. Furthermore, one of Sarah's favorite photos of NYC street art is available, featuring a fiery girl with the message "Keep It Lit." This graffiti photography print and many more can also be found in Sarah's collection of urban art prints on long-sleeved T-shirts.

About Sarah James

Sarah James has been performing as a jazz singer since the 1970s and also composes and writes music. Additionally, she's working on a documentary about jazz singers and regularly updates Sarah James Jazz Merch with new designs and original photography art.

"If you know me, you know I love taking photographs of street scenes, graffiti, unusual visuals, flowers, and the list goes on," Sarah said. "At the moment, I have T-shirts, hoodies, facemasks, pillowcases, mugs, shower curtains, and a few bling-type things. I will be expanding my line as the days go by."

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