Understand What Medicare Prescription Drug Plan Is All About From Expert Advisor

Dec 15, 2020

Need help in finding the right Medicare Part D plan for you? Expert Paul Barrett provides mentoring to help clients understand the plan’s complex features and choose the right coverage.

Is your Medicare Drug Prescription Plan still the right one for you? Are you overwhelmed by the numerous Medicare plan options on the market? Call expert Paul Barrett and get in-depth mentoring on how Medicare Part D really works.

Paul Barrett, an independent Medicare agent licensed in New York, Texas, Florida, and over twelve more states, announces the expansion of his services to include client mentoring on Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Plans coverage.

More information can be found at http://www.paulbinsurance.com/prescription-drug-plans.html

In his announcement, Paul Barrett says that Medicare Part D or Prescription Drug Plans is considered the most confusing part of Medicare. As part of his services, Paul aims to educate clients about the complex details involved in Medicare Part D so they can choose the coverage that is best suited to their needs.

According to Paul, Medicare Part D includes many hidden layers, including drug tiers, plan formularies, deductibles, and exceptions that non-insurance professionals typically find difficult to understand. The Prescription Drug Plan also includes a coverage gap, also known as a donut hole, which catches many plan holders off guard.

In addition, Medicare plans can change every year, and the changes can have a significant effect on the cost and coverage of the plans. A lack of understanding of these changes can cost beneficiaries opportunities for a more cost effective and comprehensive coverage.

A 2017 study by the Kaiser Family Foundation found that only 6% to 13% of Medicare Advantage Plan and Part D beneficiaries voluntarily switch plans every year despite changes to the plans. According to KFF, this could indicate that many beneficiaries find comparing plans too challenging, and therefore simply opt to stay with their existing plan.

With his Medicare Part D mentoring services, Paul Barrett intends to help clients have a clear understanding of the many facets of the plan and how these affect their insurance costs, including their possible out of pocket expenses.

You can find detailed information about Medicare Part D from Paul’s website. His services also start with understanding his clients’ individual health needs and finances, which he uses to set the basis in choosing the right plan for them.

In addition, Paul says, “As an independent agent, I have no quotas to fill and am not required to sell certain products. I work with every major carrier and most local and regional ones. That gives me the flexibility to offer seniors Medicare coverage options that best fit their individual needs.”

Don’t lose out on opportunities for better Medicare Part D coverage. Let Paul Barrett guide you to the Medicare plan that’s right for you.

You can learn more by clicking on the URL mentioned above.

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